Wine Australia promotes the quality, diversity and value of Australian wine through a number of marketing initiatives in Australia and overseas.

Wine Australia

How we market Australian wine

Wine Australia promotes the quality, diversity and value of Australian wine through a number of marketing initiatives in Australia and overseas, to support winemakers’ strategies in key markets.

The objective of Wine Australia’s marketing approach is to:
• Recapture the excitement about Australian wine and evolve our positioning towards a stronger perception of quality, diversity (style, region, place and story) and value.

Wine Australia’s marketing approach aims to:

Educate + Engage + Energise

• Build confidence and insights through targeted education programs;
• Ensure Australia is front of mind; and
• Invest in the Visitor Program and other educational programs, targeting key influencers in each market.

• Display and promote a diverse portfolio of Australian wines through events; and
• Develop e-communications to engage with a wider audience.

• Restore excitement about Australian wine to compete for sales against our competitors and to return better margins to producers.

A+ Australian Wine
The global A+ Australian Wine brand is the umbrella brand that underpins all Wine Australia’s education activities. 

The A+ Australian Wine education brand aims to communicate that our wines are of a high quality and exhibit a sense of place, region and style diversity. It’s all about creating a conversation, telling the story and increasing knowledge of Australian wine around the world. The A+ Australian Wine education brand reinforces that ‘there is always something more to discover about Australian wine.’

Key markets

Wine Australia is active in eight key markets including Australia, China, Japan, the UK, IrelandEurope (including Germany, Denmark and Sweden), Canada and the USA and is working on strategies with the sector to develop emerging markets including Singapore, South Korea, India, Brazil and Russia.

Major initatives
Wine Australia seeks to educate and engage consumers, wine educators, sommeliers, distributors, retailers, commentators, journalists and other key influencers through a range of initiatives in each market. These include:
  1. Media relations and public relations
  2. Digital communications including websites and social media 
  3. Events in collaboration with industry partners, as part of the user pays Market Programs. This includes masterclasses, wine tastings, trade shows and promotions.
  4. Educational programs such as the A+ Australian Wine School, Sommelier Immersion Program, One Day Wine School and Visitor Program
  5. Advocacy
  6. Consumer promotions
  7. Partnership
  8. Australian Wine Overseas program