Perricoota is one of Australia’s emerging wine regions, located in the cooler climate of southern NSW, along the northern border of the Murray River.

The region, which takes its name from a grazing property established in 1840, achieved Geographical Indication status in 1999.

Perricoota produces a broad range of grapes and is predominantly known for its consistent, high-quality production of red and white table wines for the export and domestic markets, along with some fortified styles. Perricoota is also renowned for its regional food as well as its wines.

36° 5'S
Growing season rainfall


The region produces some outstanding Chardonnay wines, exhibiting full and balanced flavour suitable for early drinking. 


The Cabernet wines typically have excellent colour and are generously flavoured and well structured wines. Good examples are ideal cellaring candidates. 


Wines of typical lemony character showing good acidity. Perhaps Semillon is even more suited to the region than Chardonnay, but only time will tell. 


These are wines of good colour, showing supple medium weight palates of berry flavour, sometimes with a little liquorice complexity. 

Top varieties grown in Perricoota
  • Perricoota enjoys many long hours of regular sunshine, which helps winemakers to produce wines that are full in flavour and structure, but with a softer and approachable style. 
  • Perricoota has a typical Australian riverine landscape of flat terrain with remnants of river red gum forests. 
  • Its soils, of moderate acidity tending to alkalinity at depth, are generally red clay loams of good texture with fair to good moisture holding capacity.