Photo: Kimberley Low / Wine Australia
Photo: Kimberley Low / Wine Australia

Wine Australia invests in and directs research, development and extension to support a competitive Australian wine sector. Our investments are guided by the strategic research priorities of the Australian Government and the Australian wine sector.

We do not invest in activities that are based on political aims or promotion of products, regional activities or organisations, nor where there is no market failure (this refers to activities that could reasonably be expected to be provided by the market on a cost recovery/profit basis).

Funding is available in the following areas:

R&D projects

Wine Australia invests in strategic bilateral agreements with a number of key research organisations including The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), CSIRO, SARDI, The University of Adelaide and Charles Sturt University. We also periodically request applications for research, development and extension projects on specific topics. Any targeted calls for project applications will be detailed here.

Incubator Initiative

Applications for the Incubator Initiative 2018 are now closed.

The Incubator Initiative supports early career researchers working with regional grape and wine associations and groups on regionally specific research.

Travel bursaries

Wine Australia travel bursary applications are now closed for travel commencing between 1 July and 31 December 2018. Retrospective applications will not be considered. The next round of funding opens September 2018 for travel commencing between 1 January and 30 June 2019.

Travel bursaries can fund travel, study tours or conferences to develop your knowledge and skills in your area of research, and to network with the international research community. See our Travel bursary application guide for further details and criteria.

Applications must be lodged through Wine Australia’s online project management tool CIMS.

If you have not used CIMS before, please contact us at for a username, password and how-to guide.

Visiting scholars bursaries

Wine Australia invites and assesses applications for Visiting Scholar Bursaries throughout the year.

We will consider applications from organisations that seek funding to bring international experts to Australia to participate in workshops, meetings, conferences and symposia and in research projects. The activities need to align with our strategic RD&E priorities.

PhD and Masters by Research scholarships

Wine Australia provides support for PhD and Masters by Research scholarship programs to help attract postgraduate students to the field of wine, viticultural and wine business research.

Applicants must be enrolled at an Australian university and be attending on campus (not distant education). Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, the quality of an applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, the merit of the proposed research and the likelihood of the applicant’s ongoing involvement in the Australian wine sector.

Applications for Wine Australia’s PhD and Masters by Research scholarships open on the first Monday in October and close on the first Friday in November of each year, for funding to commence the following year. Retrospective applications will not be considered.