BC Liquor Stores Thematic 2017 02 - 29 Jul 2017
BC, Canada

The BC Liquor Stores thematic is an annual instore promotion (thematic) for the Australian category. Our July 2017 (July 2-29, 2017) thematic will be for 14 products on displays in 60 stores.

The displays will include aisle-ends, check-outs and free-standing (various combinations in each store). The stores will have themed signage and the program will be supported with a series of large instore tastings (minimum 1 per participating product); they will take place over the weekends through the month (exact dates to be determined by BCLS)

  • Only for existing products
  • Highly likely that the BCLS will not select products that are under-performing or tracking down.
  • Products must be $12.99 or over to participate (prior to LTOs)
  • LTO’s running concurrent to this program are encouraged but not mandatory.

In 2014, product lifts, over the prior period ranged from 30% to 489% (excluding new products and products in decline) in selected stores. In 2015, product lifts, over the prior period ranged from 19% to 556%. Please note, there is no guarantee of products sales increases and some of the high sales may be partly attributable to LTOs.

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Register by: 10 March 2017
Payment by: TBC

Please refer to Terms & Conditions


Brands (existing in market)



Cost (AUD) ex GST


What do you get for your investment?

  • Advertising support
  • Event management by Wine Australia 
  • Glassware
  • Marketing materials
  • Signage
  • Staff
  • Theming

What does success look like?

Participating in this event may help you and your brand:

  • Reach consumers

Special conditions

  • Participants 14 SKUs only
  • Participants 14 SKUs maximum
  • RRP per SKU (minimum) $12.99

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