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China Roadshow 2019 01 - 10 May 2019
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Locations TBC  $4500.00

The annual China Roadshow, presented by Wine Australia is now in its seventh year. As an integral part of Wine Australia’s China marketing strategy, the 2019 China Roadshow aims to further drive awareness of Australian wine, the brands within the category, and fundamentally increase export sales to the powerhouse region.

Wine Australia will host the largest Australian grand tasting roadshow, giving China’s influential media and trade the opportunity to discover some of our country’s finest wines, as well as new wines to watch. The roadshow’s key objective is to help Australian wine businesses connect with Chinese trade partners, and create genuine sales leads in this fast-growing market.

First-tier city events will include a buyer tasting, a general trade tasting and a public tasting, as well as several exclusive masterclasses delivered by prominent Australian and Chinese wine commentators and educators. Second-tier city events will include a buyer tasting, a general trade tasting and several educational classes.

For Australian wine brands, the China Roadshow 2019 will provide the opportunity to:

  • Network with important Chinese importers and media, generating proven and valuable business leads
  • Tell their wine story, whilst helping drive category and country awareness of Australian wine in China
  • Showcase premium Australian wines, both existing in the China market or new-to-market
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of China’s retail landscape and business culture
  • Participate in traditional and new media opportunities, helping further promote Australian wine

Wine Australia and its partners aim to attract some 3,300 visitors in 2019, from importers, distributors, wholesalers, sommeliers, buyers, media, influencers, and VIP consumers.

This China program of activity will also be supported by Chinese and Australian public relations campaigns, influencer outreach, social media, and media partnerships to ensure we are reaching further with our message and offering of premium Australian wines to the rest of the world.

Expressions of Interest

The China Roadshow 2019 will be held in May 2019 over approximately 10 days. Exact dates are to be confirmed in the coming months.

For now, Wine Australia is asking wine brands to lodge their interest in participating in this marketing activity. All Expressions of Interest (EOI) will then be reviewed by Wine Australia to ensure each participating exhibitor meets criteria for participation. Once approved, you will be contacted to formally register your business. Full payment of the participation fee will be required at this time.

Expressions of Interest open: 17 April 2018    

Expression of Interest close: 31 August 2018

Participant registration opens: September 2018

Payment received by: TBC

This event will be promoted to Australian wine businesses from 17 April 2018 via the Wine Australia website, marketing newsletters and regional communications.

  • Brands (new to market)                            
  • Brands (existing in market)
  • Importers
  • Regional body can organise a group of exhibitors to exhibit in the show to showcase the regional branding.                               
  • States: State can organise a group of exhibitors to exhibit in the show.               
  • Educators
  • Consumers
  • Media
  • On-premise trade        
  • Off-premise trade
  • Importers and distributors
Cost (AUD ex GST) $4500.00 (to be confirmed)

Register your interest in this event

What do you get for your investment?

  • A/V equipment        
  • Event management by Wine Australia
  • Exhibitor space 
  • Glassware
  • Marketing materials
  • Photography    
  • Public relations and social media support by Wine Australia
  • Signage (with winery brand name only)     
  • Spittoons
  • Wine delivery/transport costs (after custom clearance, from warehouse in China that is appointed by Wine Australia, to all the city venues)

What does success look like?

Participating in this event may help you and your brand:

  • Find an importer
  • Generate new business leads – on-premise
  • Generate new business leads – off-premise
  • Network with influential trade    
  • Reach consumers

What have others said about the event?

‘The Roadshow is well organised, busy, and well attended. The quality of visitors is very good, a lot of trade and media, and we’re seeing quite a young crowd, which is encouraging. My impression is really great, I’ve been enjoying it very much.’
- Sam Holmes, Negociants’ General Manager International Sales

‘Wine Australia’s organisation is impressive. I think that’s the number one thing that stands out. Australian wines should be participating in the wine show to expose our wines to a wider range of different people, whether it is trade or consumers. The visitors here are very intellectual. I have been very, very surprised at the questions they asked. They understand our styles, they understand the wines and varietals. I think the difference between ours and the rest of the world, particular northern hemisphere, is that our wines are a little bit softer, a touch more fruit, a style I think Chinese consumers really enjoy, and they go well with Chinese cuisine.’
- Grant Bellve, Tyrrell’s Wines International Manager.

‘The master class on ultra-premium Shiraz not only showcased the styles of Shiraz that we are familiar with, but also the lesser-known but equally good quality Shiraz styles from cool climate regions, again demonstrating the diversified styles of Australian wine.’
- Li Demei, Beijing University of Agriculture Professor and renowned Chinese winemaker and blogger

Special conditions

  • Bottles required per SKU :2-3 bottles for each SKU
  • Fine wine focus
  • Limited SKUs  no more than 10 SKU for each booth    
  • Participants 40 minimum
  • Participants 70 maximum
  • Regional focus
  • To help build the premium image of Australian wine and to communicate a strong regional message, the wines showcased during the event will be restricted to those that meet the following criteria:
    • Branded Australian wines (no private label, bulk wines, export only label, etc.).
    • Existing sale in Australian domestic market.
    • At least one wine from each brand to-be-showcased has received 90 points and above from reputable third-party endorsers, like James Halliday or equivalent;
  • Wine Australia will make the final selection decision.

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