Norwegian Annual Tasting 2018

Celebrating the diversity of Australian wine in Oslo, Norway.
Norwegian Annual Tasting 2018 27 Sep 2018
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Det Norske Teatret, Kristian IVs gate 8, 0164 Oslo 
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Aussie wine will be celebrated in Norway in September at the annual trade and consumer tasting, showcasing the quality and diversity of premium wines from many of the regions of Australia.

The Norwegian market is relatively small, and Australia is currently in 7th position but growing at +19%. It is important for Wine Australia to build on its activities and increase our market share in this difficult market through developing the understanding of trade, media and consumers.

The Norwegian tasting will comprise a trade tasting and master class; a consumer tasting and a briefing with the monopoly buyer.

The history and evolution of Australian wines will be demonstrated through the master class and focus tables. The event is open to wines existing in the market or wineries seeking distribution.

This is a professional tasting providing an active trading platform across all channels, plus consumer engagement and extensive social media coverage. Working with local in-market support, this event will build on last year’s attendance of 230 trade and consumers.

Exhibitor registration and cost

Exhibitor registrations close 15 June 2018.

  • Brands (new to market)                     
  • Brands (existing in market)
  • Importers
  • Regions can sponsor master class with themes, wines and speaker
  • Monopoly buyers/product managers/store managers
  • Media
  • On-premise trade     
  • Educators
  • Wine Clubs 
  • Consumers 
Cost (AUD ex. GST)

$1500 per table to show 12 wines or $750 half table for 6 wines.

If you take a space at all 3 events (Sweden, Norway and Finland), discount of $500 off full table price ($4,000 total) or $250 off half table price ($2,000 total).

Read the full Registration Terms & Conditions.

Register as an exhibitor

What do you get for your investment?

  • Event management by Wine Australia
  • Advertising support                       
  • Access to Monopoly buyers/product managers/store managers
  • Corkage
  • Direct marketing support      
  • Glassware
  • Spittoons
  • Marketing materials / Tasting Booklets
  • Photography
  • Public relations and social media support by Wine Australia
  • Signage       

What does success look like?

Participating in this event may help you and your brand:

  • Find an importer
  • Generate new business leads – on-premise
  • Network with influential trade 
  • Reach consumers

Special conditions

  • Bottles required per SKU 2
  • Limited SKUs 12 per full table           
  • Participants 20 tables minimum
  • Participants 30 tables maximum
  • Tables must be staffed by importer or winery. We strongly recommend that you are there to pour your wines.

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