It’s no secret that Australian’s love a thirst quenching wine, and as it would appear, the rest of the world does too. Especially ours, with 6 billion glasses devoured every year!

The Australian wine love story began in 1788, and through an inspirational journey of innovation, passion and sheer hard work, we now harvest some of the best drops on the planet. So, what makes Australian wine so delicious, so unique and so special?

The people

Over 170,000 Australians grow the grapes, make the wines, staff the cellar doors and share their stories with the world. From young innovators to seventh generation families, our wine growers and makers are a passionate bunch that shines through in every single glass of Australian wine.

Our old vines

It might come as a surprise to learn that Australia is home to some of the oldest vines in the world, many over 150 years old! You’ve got to be truly special to survive that long, lovingly tended by six or more generations to make remarkable wines that are uniquely Australian.

Australian wine diversity

Australia is home to 65 unique wine regions, each with its own diverse, natural landscape and climate. Discover amazing wines from a hearty, full bodied Shiraz to elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, zesty Chardonnay and vibrant Pinot Grigio; there’s an Australian wine to suit even the most discerning palette.



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