US Importers trip to Australia 2018

Questions & Answers

1. What is the aim of the US Importer trip?

This trip was conceived to introduce new importers to Australian wines with the intention of introducing Australian wines into their overall brand portfolio. The participants on the trip do not currently import Australian wine. The aim of the trip is to encourage these importers to add Australian wineries into their portfolio in 2018.

2. Where will they visit? 

The group is visiting Sydney, Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Goulburn Valley, Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide.

3. How have you selected the regions and wineries to visit?

The importers will only visit those wineries which have signed up to participate in the USA Market Entry Program. Wineries pay a $10K AUD fee to participate in the Market Entry Program and part of the benefit of the program is for each of them to have the opportunity to host US based importers in Australia.

4. How much time will the buyers spend in each region?

The importers will spend two days in Sydney, one day in the Hunter Valley, one day in Melbourne, one day in Yarra/Goulburn Valleys, one day in Adelaide, one day in the Barossa/Eden Valley and one day in McLaren Vale.

5. How do I get involved in the program?

The US importers trip will only visit wineries that have registered and paid for membership in the US market entry program. If you are interested in participating in next year’s importer trip, please contact Damon Musha in Wine Australia’s San Francisco office for participation in the USA Market Entry program 2018-19.

6. Can I pay to have my wines showcased in the program?

No, the event is available to 2017-18 USA Market Entry members only.

7. Where is the funding coming from for this trip?

This trip is funded 100% by the user pay funds that the 2017-18 USA Market Entry members pay into the program.

8. Will there be other opportunities to be included in international visits programs?

Absolutely. We plan on making the importer trip an ongoing element of the USA Market Entry program and those that participate in future program cycles are guaranteed participation in the importer trip.

To get involved in the US Market Entry Program 2018-19, please contact
Damon Musha on in the Wine Australia USA office.