Australian wine: Production, sales and inventory report

About the report

The Australian Wine: Production Sales and Inventory Report presents the results of the annual Wine Production, Sales and Inventory Survey, conducted by Wine Australia. The report aims to provide an overview of the current supply and demand situation for Australian wine.

Report summary

The report includes the latest national statistics on:

  • the Australian winegrape crush
  • wine production
  • domestic sales
  • Australian wine exports
  • total Australian wine sales and,
  • inventory (along with inventory-to-sales ratios).

The report is updated annually, once that year's survey results are available.

A total of 1.81 million tonnes of wine grapes was crushed in 2016 – up from 1.71 million tonnes in 2015. The red grape crush drove the growth, up 9 per cent to 935,000 tonnes. As a result of the higher crush and higher extraction rates, total wine production increased by 10 per cent to 1.3 billion litres.

Domestic sales of Australian wine increased in value by 7 per cent and in volume by 2.5 per cent in the 2015-16 financial year. The total value of domestic sales (based on winemaker receipts) was just under $3 billion, while volume increased by 11.5 million litres to 468 million litres.

Exports also grew in 2015-16, with value up by 11 per cent to $2.1 billion and volume up by 0.5 per cent to 728 million litres.

Total Australian wine inventory finished the year at 1.76 billion litres, an increase of 115 million litres (7 per cent).  The increase in production was partially offset by the increase in both domestic and export sales.

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About the survey

Wine Australia’s Production, Sales and Inventory Survey was sent to the top 130 wineries based on grape crush size in 2016. A separate survey was conducted of the 2098 small wineries with an estimated crush of less than 500 tonnes. Other data sources used include: ABS, Drinks Association, IRI, Levies Revenue Service, Winetitles and the Wine Australia export database.