Historical wine sector statistics

About the report

The historical wine sector data sheets provide an overview of key Australian wine sector data sources. They allow the reader to gain insights into trends over time for key sector indicators such as:

  • winegrape production by colour and variety
  • wine production by state and wine style
  • domestic sales of Australian wine by wine style and container type
  • Australian wine exports by volume, value and major destination and,
  • Australian wine imports by wine style and major country of origin.

Some data sets include data as far back as 1970. The report is updated annually with any newly available figures. Select sources are no longer kept current and in these instances only historical data is given.

The 2016 edition includes updated data on crush by variety, wine production, domestic sales by colour, imports by source, and Australian exports by major destinations. 

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About the sources

This report is a combination of a variety of sources which provide data to the Australian wine sector. The sources and the details collected have changed over time and these changes are indicated in the report. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides much of the crush, wine production and domestic sales data through their catalogues 8504, 1329 and 8366, which are available on their website. However, these sources are no longer kept up to date. Therefore, more recent data on production and domestic sales has been collected by Wine Australia in the annual Production, Inventory and Sales Survey. The latest crush data has also been sourced from the Wine Australia Wine Sector Survey 2016.

The export data is sourced from the Wine Australia Export Approvals Database, which is updated monthly and can be accessed through report builders on this website [LINK].

Import data is also updated monthly by the ABS, and can be accessed through a report builder. 


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