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‘Advance Australia Fair?’ Determining the country of origin associations for Australian wine in emerging and established markets



To determine how existing and emerging markets view Australia and Australian wine and how Australia’s image can be used to maximise opportunities to enhance wine positioning/pricing and establish supply-chain business relationships.


Previous research has shown that price and country of origin were both stronger contributors to perceptions of wine quality than taste, irrespective of knowledge (objective or subjective) and self-confidence levels. This study was on wines from USA, Chile and France.

Unpublished research in China, USA, Germany, Singapore and Australia showed country of origin was a substantial and significant influence in each location. This was on wines from France, New Zealand and South America.) However, the Australian Country Image (CI) and Country-People-Image (CPI) and Country-Wine-Image (CWI) have not been quantified domestically or in export markets, they have just been assumed.

Research approach

This project will quantify the Australian CI, CPI and CWI compared with emerging and established country competitors to understand their economic implications and provide strategies to enhance our country of origin associations to support the premium positioning of Australian wines.

Data collection wave 1 will see a series of in-depth interviews with wine distributors and focus groups of wine consumers across all six markets. Emerging themes identified from the qualitative data will be compared across the established markets versus emerging markets, and serve as major inputs for the subsequent surveys in wave 2 of data collection.

Wave 2 will involve a large scales survey of wine consumers and distributors. The survey will be conducted online and then analysed. The economic modelling will construct industry demand and supply curves using general industry information from a range of sources, to model industry outcomes on alternative demand/supply shifts linked to identified strategies.

Sector benefits

Understanding how those in key current and emerging markets view us and our wine will provide vital insights. This will allow the development of communications strategies and business practises to maximize opportunities to enhance wine positioning/pricing and establish essential supply-chain business relationships.