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Driving the strategic growth of Australian wines in the US export market



This project will use a multi-staged process to investigate the perceptions of trade, key influencers and suppliers in the US market of both Australian wine and its key competitors.

The project will:

  • measure the US wine trade and opinion leaders’ views of what drives choices in the US market and how Australia and its key competitors perform on these choice factors; 
  • develop and simulate testing marketing strategies to overcome the issues identified; and
  • develop a simple Excel™ based Decision Support System to allow wine marketers to adjust their strategies to better meet the needs of the American wine trade and opinion leaders. 


To increase the demand and premium paid for Australian wine in the US market, strategies need to be developed to address barriers that currently exist with the trade and opinion leaders.
In order to do this, the misalignment must be identified and a system developed to train Australian wine brand managers to make change in order to grow their brands.

The Vennli framework, a cloud-based software platform for strategic growth intelligence, analytics, and visualization will be used. Wine Australia and brand owners with representative trade and opinion leaders in the US will be involved via the Vennli approach in providing insights into what really matters when developing strategic growth initiatives.

Research approach

The initial stage of this project is to ask key US trade and opinion leaders to identify the elements that influence their wine purchasing decisions. The same questions will be asked of key Australian stakeholders.

This information will form the basis for analysis by the Vennli system, which will automate data collection, identify what trade and opinion leaders want, who can deliver it, and gaps or unmet needs that exist. 

Growth strategies will be developed and tested with trade and opinion leaders in the US and the Industry reference group using a simulation to see how their buying/selling would change if the strategies were implemented.

Once validated, these strategies will form the basis for an Excel™ based Decision Support System.

Sector benefits

This project will provide growth strategies to reinvigorate the Australian category in the United States.