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Translation of ‘Whole-of-Production-Chain’ Wine Science Research to Industry Outcomes (opportunities for lower alcohol)



To determine the best options to produce lower alcohol wines.


The Australian Research Council (ARC) funded an Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Innovative Wine Production: responding to climate, water, market and economic challenges, based at the University of Adelaide. The Centre brings together 13 collaborators, $3 million of ARC and sector support to fund projects on berry composition, wine flavour and alcohol.

The main focus for the Centre’s research is to develop lower alcohol wines with attractive flavour using a combination of approaches. PhD candidate studies are being utilised as an important component of Training Centre research. However, given the nature of PhD studies, integration of research findings can be limited.

Research approach

This project will employ an experienced research fellow to work on the most promising flavour and alcohol modulation techniques, integrate the research findings of the PhD candidates working on the 13 individual projects and synthesise the whole to develop sector-ready applications.

Sector benefits

The knowledge generated by this project will give grape growers and winemakers more options to produce fruit and wine that meets market demands for lower alcohol products.