Wine Export Approval system

The Wine Export Approval system (WEA) is a web-based system that allows Licensed Exporters to obtain export documentation electronically.

Exporters can submit applications online via the WEA system

The WEA enables users to manage over the internet:

  • Product Registration for new products
  • Shipping Applications and amendments
  • Contact details for notifications and reminders
  • WEA Reports

Exporters are encouraged to become online users of the WEA to ensure faster response times to export applications. Users will be able to track the progress of their Continuing Approval Applications online and apply for Export Permits instantly.

There are two options:

  1. Online Exporters can access the WEA system and enter the information included on the Continuing Approval Application form and Shipping Application form online.
  2. Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) Allows the transfer of data files in bulk (uploading to the WEA an unlimited number of documents at the one time for processing).

Please view the online version of the training to obtain your WEA login to benefit from faster response times to export applications. The online version of the training is recommended and will work with all modern web browsers and non-mobile devices.