Transforming cider businesses

The Australian craft1 cider industry launched its ‘100% Australian grown’ trust mark and brand proposition on 5 October 2018, as part of a $500,000 investment to market craft cider overseas.

Supported by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the $50m Package), the $500,000 investment has seen Wine Australia partner with Cider Australia and consultant Guy Taylor to develop a marketing strategy that is unique to Australia and meaningful in chosen export markets.

After months of industry consultation, Cider Australia launched the trust mark and brand proposition on 5 October 2018 in conjunction with the Australian Cider Forum and the eighth annual Australian Cider Awards in Sydney.  

Those interested in using the trust mark can contact Cider Australia at 


The trust mark and brand proposition are part of a broader strategy to market the Australian craft cider category overseas and establish export markets for local brands. Consumers will start to see the trust mark on eligible craft ciders in retail outlets from November 2018 and it will be rolled out more widely over summer. 

The go-to-market strategy

A further step in the $500,000 investment will be to develop a go-to-market strategy and a ‘toolkit’ to assist producers to understand prospective export markets and navigate the rules and complexities associated with exporting to those markets. The Australian wine sector has developed an international reputation and exports 61 per cent of its production. The Australian craft cider industry also has the potential to achieve growth through building export markets.

Regular updates on the cider program and information on opportunities to contribute will be posted on the Cider Australia website.  

Outcomes of the $500,000 investment

The investment will deliver the following outcomes:
  • a thorough understanding of the potential export markets for Australian cider, including the channels to market that provide the best return
  • a compelling brand proposition that can be leveraged by Australian cider producers
  • a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that can be utilised effectively by the majority of producers to access export destinations, and
  • strategy that can be utilised effectively by the majority of producers to access export destinations, and
  • an easy to access toolkit that provides the necessary information to enable a producer to successfully export, including the export analysis, brand and GTM collateral.
  • The program is designed to provide the following outcomes for Australian cider producers:
  • industry support of the brand and strategy
  • increase the number of producers exporting from 7 to 20, and
  • increase export revenue from $16.5m to $20m by 2019-20.

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[1] Australian craft cider’ is cider produced in Australia using 100% Australian grown fruit.

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