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Export and Regional Wine Support Package

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been prepared for those seeking more information about the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the $50m Package). 


The $50m Package

What is the Export and Regional Wine Support Package?

The Australian Government’s Export and Regional Wine Support Package is an exciting, one-off allocation of $50 million, which will transform the Australian wine sector by showcasing the nation’s wine tourism offering and driving demand for Australia’s wine exports.  

The Package comprises four interrelated programs which are focused on international marketing, capability development and export-readiness, grants and development of a brand proposition for the cider industry.

The grant components of the Package will be implemented from 2018 and the Package closes on 30 June 2020.

Who administers the Package?

Wine Australia is responsible for delivering the Package, in accordance with a funding agreement with the Australian Government.

When was the Package announced?

The Australian Government announced in May 2016 that it would provide Wine Australia (formerly the Australia Grape and Wine Authority) with $50 million over four years to promote Australian wine overseas, and wine tourism within Australia, to benefit regional wine producing communities. The funding was provided from 1 July 2016. The first year was dedicated to consultation, planning and development of the Business Plan.

Following endorsement from the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons (AV), the Business Plan was submitted to the Australian Government. The Government agreed to the Business Plan in 2017, enabling the launch of the Export and Regional Wine Package on 28 August 2017.

Which overseas markets are being targeted in the Package?

The Australian wine sector as a whole sees value in targeting markets with the strongest growth potential and is confident this investment will generate the largest returns to the sector.

A targeted approach focusing on China and the USA received the majority of support during consultation with the sector. It was also determined that a portion of funding be allocated to allow flexibility to respond to signals in other markets where there was potential for export value growth.

Was the Australian wine sector consulted on the Package design?

Broad consultation with the wine sector was paramount in the development of the Business Plan for the Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), Australian Vignerons (AV) and Wine Australia established a Reference Group to provide input, chaired by WFA and comprising members with expertise in winemaking, grape growing and tourism. Membership included representatives from WFA, AV, Wine Australia, peak state industry bodies, Tourism Australia and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

More than 100 submissions were received from the wine sector on activities that could be included in the Package. The WFA, AV and AGWA boards were extensively briefed before endorsing the final recommendations.

WFA and AV consulted directly with state organisations and Cider Australia on the draft Business Plan in two rounds of consultation, the second of which involved sector workshops held in each state from January to April in 2017. State organisations held additional consultations with memberships and regional associations.

Which regions will benefit from the Package?

The Package will benefit the entire Australian wine sector, as it has a strong regional focus and wine tourism component.

By strengthening the global presence of Australian wine and wine tourism through targeted marketing campaigns and export activities, we can grow the value of wine exports and attract more international tourists to our wine regions, delivering ongoing benefits to our wine regions along the supply chain. 

The four programs within the $50m Package

What is the focus of the four programs?

The following programs form part of the Export and Regional Wine Support Package: 

  • Program 1: China and USA marketing campaigns ($32.5 million)
    • Targeted marketing campaigns in China and the USA – Australia’s two largest export markets by value – aimed at increasing the perception of, and demand for Australian wine and wine tourism.
  • Program 2a: Capability development ($2 million)
    • Delivery of export and tourism capability building workshops, online resources and detailed market analysis to upskill regional wine, cider and tourism communities, in terms of export readiness and development of wine tourism products and services.
  • Program 2b and 3: Grants ($11 million)
    • Wine Export Grants for small and medium wine exporters and state–based and competitive grants for state wine associations and eligible consortia.
    • More information about the individual grants is available under ‘Grants’.
  • Program 4: Transforming cider businesses ($0.5 million)
    • Development of a brand proposition and go–to–market strategy for the Australian cider industry based on market research and analysis.

Enquiries and subscribing for updates

Can I subscribe for updates?

Subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest updates on the Package.

What if I need assistance applying?

Contact the Export and Regional Wine Support Package team:

Phone: (08) 8228 2000



The following grant-specific FAQs will be updated regularly to reflect enquiries received during the grant process:

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Further questions about the Package can be directed to

Additional FAQs

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