Stage 1 - How we built the plan

Stage 1 of the package was to develop a detailed and costed business plan detailing the activities and measures of success for the program for Ministerial approval. ACIL Allen was retained as a consultant to develop the plan. 

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), Australian Vignerons (AV) and Wine Australia established a Reference Group, chaired by WFA, to provide input into the design and operation of the business plan. The Reference Group brought together representatives from WFA,  AV (formerly WGGA), Wine Australia, peak state sector bodies, others from the grapegrowing, winemaking and tourism sectors and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

As part of its activities, the Reference Group considered submissions from the grape and wine sector about the types of activities that could be included in the package.

The Reference Group reported to the Boards of WFA, AV and Wine Australia. These Boards then endorsed the final recommendations on the Package to the Minister. 

To achieve broad sector involvement, WFA and AV consulted directly with state organisations on the draft business plan, and the state organisations coordinated responses on the draft plan from the regional associations. This allowed direct input from the sector into the plan. 

Stage 1 Reference Group


  • Sandy Clark, President, WFA


Andrew Kay, WFA nominee

Jo Grainger, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Angus Barnes, NSW WIA nominee

John O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Tourism Australia

Bill Moularadellis, WFA nominee

Libby Nutt, WFA nominee

Brian Walsh, Wine Australia Board representative

Nikki Palun, Wine Victoria nominee

Colin Bell, Australian Vignerons nominee

Redmond Sweeney, WFA and Wines of Western Australia nominee

David Dearie, Wine Australia Board representative

Rod Hill, Queensland Wine Industry Association nominee

Ed Peter, Wine Australia Board representative

Rodney Harrex, Chief Executive, South Australian Tourism Commission

Eliza Brown, Wine Australia Board representative

Sally Cope, Ultimate Winery Experiences

Georgia Lennon, WFA nominee

Simon Morton, WFA nominee

Guy Taylor, Wine Tasmania nominee

Simon West, Australian Vignerons nominee

Ivanka Moularadellis, SAWIA nominee

Simone Furlong, Leeuwin Estate


  • Tony Battaglene, Chief Executive WFA
  • Andreas Clark, CEO Wine Australia
  • Stuart Barclay, General Manager, Marketing Wine Australia
  • Steven Weinert, General Manager, Corporate Services Wine Australia
  • Kate Harvey, General Manager, Corporate Affairs and Strategy Wine Australia
  • Bruce Hampton, Project Manager Wine Australia

Public consultation submissions - complete

In November 2016, the Australian grape and wine community was invited to submit new, bold, exciting and engaging ideas for consideration as part of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

The ideas submitted were considered by the project team and the reference group as part of the development of the business plan.

Following is a list of submissions received and, where we received the permission of the submitting entity to share their ideas, there is a link to their submission.

A number of submissions were received that are not publicly available.

Submissions available to view:

  • Submission to partner with Chef Exchange platform. View the submission from 57 Films
  • Marketing activities including participation at trade exhibitions, wine education, building a wine community for consumers, media and winery tours. View the submission from Australian Wine Marketing For South Korean Wine Market
  • Foster the Australian wine sector's innovation capability and to build innovation as a reputational attribute for enhancing the demand and premiums paid for Australian wines. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Develop our understanding of how the Australian wine sector can build product premiums in a manner that export markets consider is consistent with perceptions of Australian made wine along with how to expedite enhancements to the perception of Australian wine. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Asian wine consumers in context: immersive experiences with Australian wine to understand how consumers react to different wine styles, with different food types and in different situations. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Development of an innovative Australian Wine Education Program that supports the promotion of 'Brand Australia' in the domestic (and international) markets. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Enhance the reputation of Australian wine though market promotion activities. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Authenticating Australian wine production and showcasing research into and applications of authentication technology. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Leverage the strong environmental performance and credentials of Australia’s winegrape growers and winemakers through Entwine Australia to enhance the reputation of Australian wine. View the submission from Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Develop a permanent venue in major cities that acts as a hub for Australian wine activities and visitors. View the submission from Bampwine
  • Implement a consumer value program, develop a regional support program, expand the regional fund, develop a regional innovation fund. View the submission from Barossa Grape & Wine Association
  • Development and delivery of a program of food and wine experiences for international visitors to the Canberra District and promotion. View the submission from Canberra District Wine Industry Association
  • Establish a POP 'Cellar Door' in Aoyama Tokyo to promote Australia wines in Japan. View the submission from Colonial Trading Co
  • Engage with potential Chinese distributors/retailers through: attending trade events, visit distributors/retailers, invite Chinese distributors/retailers to our wine region, build/foster relationships, develop packaging and wine style needs with Chinese distributors/retailers. View the submission from Domaine Asmara
  • Managed distribution service for the China market. View the submission from Dominion House
  • Promotional and financial support for Effervescence Tasmania to identify, fund and escort key international influencers. View the submission from Effervescence Tasmania
  • A series of concepts including events, experiential education, business support programs for export success and increasing business acumen, regional geo mapping and interface, targeted advertising campaign, vineyard management practises that improve quality with improved environmental and economic sustainability. View the submission from Future leaders 2015
  • Travelling international Australian wine experience utilising virtual reality. Television series partnership for international and domestic.View the submission from H2 Pty Ltd
  • Purchase billboards on the New Jersey Turnpike and advertise in Wine Spectator. Create a database of importers and of low cost warehouses to assist exporters. View the submission from Koonara
  • Shiraz day and International Shiraz Symposium. View the submission from McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association
  • Develop a series of ‘foraging visits’ for trade and media to re-engage and reset the existing mindset of international key influencers/key markets for Australian wine, not as a commodity, but as an expression of regional lifestyle. View the submission from McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association
  • Enable development and extension of SAW Program into ‘winery’ to complete the delivery of a grape and wine sustainability program. View the submission from McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association
  • Develop category strategies, conduct retailer focused presentations seminars/tours, and trade introductions for key retailers. View the submission from McWilliams Wines Group
  • Business to business export mentoring program; feasibility study on a regional event in a specific international market; trade visits; cellar door benchmarking. View the submission from Orange Region Vignerons Association
  • The development of an educational book on Australian wine. Patrick Iland Wine Promotions
  • Wineries to create light-weight small bottles and allow international cellar door visitors the opportunity to put together different types of wine into a package, which will also with different customs requirements and luggage weight.  View the submission from Private
  • Development of a Rutherglen Muscat Centre. View the submission from Rutherglen
  • Documentary series following the story of selected Australian wineries and the characters in a behind-the-scenes look at the period 'from vine to wine' showing the human stories behind the race to get wine to the market place. View the submission from Sidewood Estate 
  • Enhancing the online sales capability for wine businesses and a media campaign. View the submission from South Australian Wine Industry Association
  • A series of concepts for the Cider industry including funding for Cider Australia, including Australian cider in activities and developing a quality seal for packaging. View the submission from William Smith & Sons
  • Hold 10 workshops across major regions for wine sector business owners and senior management on how to develop a global best practice wine tourism and direct to consumer strategy. View the submission from Wine business solutions
  • A portion of funds to be spent in assisting regions in developing marketing plans. View the submission from Wine Grapes Marketing Board
  • Ecommerce for the Singapore market, focusing on small wine brands. View the submission from WineMasons
  • Co-investment in a range projects that will significantly increase the value of wine exported from Western Australia. View the submission from Wines of WA
  • Open a regional cellar door in the Wrattonbully wine region. View the submission from Wrattonbully Wine Region Association

Other submissions were received from:

  • 20TWENTY Consulting
  • Athetes of Wine
  • Austrade
  • Brokenwood Wines
  • Cellaweb
  • Cider Australia
  • David Travers
  • Eagle Rock Ventures, LLC. USA
  • Glow
  • Gourmet Traveller WINE
  • Howard Park Wines
  • Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association
  • Hydra Consulting
  • Iconic Winemakers
  • Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Association
  • LOBO Juice and Cider Pty Ltd
  • Lynda Schenk
  • New South Wales Wine Industry Association
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Pinchang Australia
  • Premium Adelaide Hills Beverage Experience
  • Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance
  • Spa Vision
  • Ultimate Victorian Wine Trail
  • Vinehealth Australia
  • Wine Communicators of Australia
  • Wine Country TV
  • Wine Delivery Australia Pty Ltd
  • Wine Tasmania
  • Wines of the King Valley
  • Withwine
  • Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association

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