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China Food & Drinks Fair 2019

Providing brands an opportunity to showcase their wines and meet the trade customers from all over the nation, including those from the western and inland provinces.
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China Food and Drinks Fair 2019 17 - 23 Mar 2019
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Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel & Western China International Expo City $5,500-6,300.00

After five successful years we have established a strong Australian presence at China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu, Wine Australia will again plan the participation in March 2019 supporting our positioning as a leading fine wine producer.

Nearly 200sqm space located at the central of Hall #12 was allocated for the Wine Australia Pavilion in 2018, with totally 28 booths filled with 26 exhibitors presenting more than 60 brands and ranges covering over 20 wine regions from 5 States. This was the largest presence of Australian wine ever showcased at this show ever. And we look forward to a continuous growth for the next year.

As usual, 6 in-pavilion tasting classes will be delivered by Wine Australia’s certified educators during the first 2 days.

A networking dinner or event will be organized by Wine Australia on the first evening of the fair, to which the exhibitor reps, selected key medias, educators, key opinion leaders and trade guests will be invited, facilitating further marketing and business opportunities.

In addition, to meet increasing demand of exhibiting, and to target wider scale of trade visitors, Wine Australia will offer another package with branded booths on the 2nd floor of Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel, given its popularity. It’s will be held before the main exhibition for 3 days (17-20 March 2019). We are also looking at organizing masterclasses during these days as well as other events to create more buzz on Australian wine during the hotel show and main show. 

The China Food & Drinks Fair will take place 21-23 March 2019.

More information

China Food & Drinks Fair is China’s longest established and one of the most influential food and drinks shows with 2905 exhibitors from over 40 countries and areas, including 25 country and regional pavilions participated, attracting more than 100,000 Chinese trade and buyers from many of China’s regional cities in 2017. It was moved to the Western China International Expo City since 2018, with certain sections such as Hall #7, 8, 12 & 13 dedicated for imported wines which increasingly feature new-to-market as well as existing brands.

Prior to the main exhibition, many satellite wine trade shows are held in hotels in Chengdu which also create momentum and attract a great amount of trade leads. The “Tao” International Wine and Spirit Show (Tao IWSS) in Chengdu Shangri-la Hotel, organized by ShenZhen PACCO Cultural Communication Company, has become a most active one with a higher-end image and better quality of exhibiting brands according to the exhibitor feedbacks, attracting more than 20,000 visitors in March 2018 during the four-day trade show. Collaborating with the hotel trade shows, we are also looking at organizing different events during the hotel shows so as to offer more opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their wines and promote Australian wine awareness more among the wine trade in China.


Registrations are closed. Registrations for this event opened 4 May 2018 and closed 30 October 2018.

Payment received by: TBC

  • Brands (new to market)                            
  • Brands (existing in market)
  • Importers
  • Regional body can organise a group of exhibitors to exhibit in the show to showcase the regional branding.                               
  • States: State can organise a group of exhibitors to exhibit in the show.               
  • Educators
  • Media
  • On-premise trade        
  • Off-premise trade
  • Importers and distributors
Cost (AUD ex GST)

Option 1: $6,300.00 (ex. GST) for the Main Exhibition (21-23 March)

Per booth (including a 1.5*0.6m exhibiting table, a showcasing rack with signage, shared meeting section and shared storage space and necessary facilities such as glassware, spittoon and ice-bucket, as well as two free seats to the networking event.)

Option 2: $5,500.00 (ex. GST) for the Shangri-La Hotel Wine Show (17-20 March)

Per booth (in total a 1.2mx0.6m exhibiting table, shared meeting tables, storage space and necessary facilities such as glassware, spittoon and ice-bucket, as well as two free seats to the networking event.)

Option 3: $11,800.00 (ex. GST) for participation in both the main exhibition and Shangri-La Hotel trade show (17-23 March)

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Special conditions.

What do you get for your investment?

  • Direct marketing support       
  • Event management by Wine Australia
  • Exhibitor space 
  • Glassware
  • Marketing materials
  • Photography
  • Public relations and social media support by Wine Australia
  • Signage (with winery brand name only)       
  • Spittoons
  • Theming

What does success look like?

Participating in this event may help you and your brand:

  • Find an importer
  • Generate new business leads – on-premise
  • Generate new business leads – off-premise
  • Network with influential trade 

What have others said about the event?

“The Wine Australia Pavilion is a very impressive stand. It certainly catches eyes and it’s large. And I think it’s fantastic we’ve got educational seminars on itself for educational purposes”

- Matt Herde, Export Manager at Tahbilk.

“Wine Australia’s organization is always perfect and makes exhibitors life very very easy.”

- Edoardo Tornielli, CEO of Australian Wine Supply Group.

“It’s been a very positive experience. I think it’s just another one of the many many great activities organized by Wine Australia in China. We’ve been very pleased to see how well Chinese consumers have responded to the diversity of wine styles we have available in Australia.”

- Campbell Thompson, CEO of The Wine Republic

“I was impressed by the scale and features of the Wine Australia pavilion at the fair. The wine tasting seminar and the overall program of events are great ideas, which I think will leave a good impression on visitors.”

Mr. Christopher Lim, the Australian Consul-General in Chengdu

“The new venue was excellent and again the quality of the visitors was far superior than in previous years.”

Ross Sheppard, Director of Capel Vale.

“This is one of the trade shows we’ve done in mainland China for a long time. We are quite excited to meet some new distributors. It’s been very busy and we seem to have some good potential people we have met.” 

- Casey Mohr, CEO of Schild Estate

“We have been with Wine Australia since you organised the pavilion at the Fair four years ago. This year again demonstrated my opinion that, with Wine Australia we could get more exposure and promotion before the Fair, and visitors come for Wine Australia pavilion and look for wines here, believing in the ‘Australian wine’ national image.”

- Baron Hong, GM of Pran Wines, who represents several premium Australian brands.

“Wine Australia is very organized, especially with glasses. I do not need to worry about things, such as moving samples and ordering lunch. Everything is well prepared so I can solely focus on trade.”

- Swenson Su, China Sales and Marketing Manager of d’Arenberg.


Special conditions

  • Bottles required per SKU estimated 3~5 bottles
  • Fine wine focus
  • Limited SKUs up to 10 SKU per booth                           
  • Regional focus
  • Winery brand wines only (no private labels, no bulk wines, no export only label, etc.);
  • Existing sale in Australian domestic market;
  • At least one wine from each brand to-be-showcased has received 90 points and above from reputable third party endorsers, like James Halliday or equivalent;
  • Wine Australia will make the final selection decision.

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