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Careers in Australia’s viticulture and wine sector

A career pathway into Australia’s viticulture and wine sector offers a range of opportunities, whether you’re new to the sector or have transferable skills and experience.

Join us in the vineyard, in the winery, or in one of the many other roles that make up our dynamic sector.

About this careers hub

This is the home of career pathways information for the Australian viticulture and wine sector.

We’re offering free resources to support student education about sustainable and operational viticulture, and educational materials to support in-classroom activities.

Information on this site is suitable for students under the age of 18.

This is for

School students
For school students seeking to explore and understand occupations in the industry, career opportunities and study pathways.
Teachers and schools
For teachers and schools wanting to incorporate viticulture and wine science topics into their classrooms or looking to connect with industry for incursions and excursions.
Parents and career advisors
For parents, career advisors, individuals in the industry and others talking about career pathways.

About our sector

Watch the videos and explore resources to learn more about the Australian wine sector.

Explore careers

Experience the immersive virtual tour A day in the life of a wine grape. Choose your own adventure and learn about careers and people.

Study and learn

Find out about schools, post-school pathways, scholarships and permanent and seasonal jobs across the Australian wine industry.

For schools and teachers

Use in-classroom resources, activities, and lessons plans linked to the Australian curriculum. Connect with industry for incursions or excursions.

For industry

Resources and support for you to connect with the education system.
Adam Schiller

Adam Schiller

"I’m currently studying a school-based apprenticeship in operational viticulture. In year 11, I did four days at school and one at work and then in year 12 jumped into four days at work and one at school."

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