Meet Australian wines Future Leaders
Last updated 19 May 2017

Congratulations to the 16 talented and driven professionals from the Australian grape and wine community who have been chosen from a highly competitive field to be the Future Leaders 2017.

Aussie wine takes centre stage
Last updated 19 Apr 2017

Hot on the heels of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Wine Australia’s hosted international sommelier program, the spotlight on Australia’s dynamic food and wine scene will continue to shine in May with the launch of Aussie Wine Month.

Seeking technology to detect Australian winegrape vineyards
Last updated 04 Apr 2017

Wine Australia is seeking expressions of interest for systems, capabilities and development of image analysis technology to detect the location and other spatial characteristics of Australian winegrape vineyards.

Connecting our wine regions with early career researchers
Last updated 09 Mar 2017

Wine Australia is inviting early career researchers to apply for funding through the Incubator Initiative, a new program that will fund a series of regionally focused research projects.

Spotlight on Australian wine as best sommeliers in the world visit next month
Last updated 06 Mar 2017

Some of the world’s best sommeliers will visit Australia this April to experience the exceptional quality and diversity of Australian wine, to coincide with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 event program.

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Belinda ready for all facets of the ARLP challenge
Last updated 07 Jul 2017

Belinda Chambers has so much going on that she didn’t really need a new and challenging 15-month commitment, but the chance to be part of the Australian Rural Leadership Program came highly recommended.

Queensland’s alternative varieties trial moves into a new phase
Last updated 07 Jul 2017

For the past 20 months, students from Stanthorpe State High School have been helping to manage and assess the potential of new and alternative grape varieties being trialled at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism.

Simulated spray drift will help understand the real thing
Last updated 07 Jul 2017

A new study is underway at the NWGIC to test whether it is possible to identify different types of herbicide injury based on foliage and fruit symptoms.

Taking a long-distance view of what vineyards might look like
Last updated 07 Jul 2017

A small trial site in the Barossa Valley is aiming to create a ‘no spray, no prune’ environment that also uses water more efficiently.

Export Market Guides updated with recent market access developments
Last updated 23 Jun 2017

We have updated four Export Market Guides to reflect important market access developments in some of our major export markets.

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Australian wine exports increase in 2016–17
Last updated 25 Jul 2017

The latest Wine Australia Export Report for the financial year 2016–17 shows the value of Australian wine exports grew by 10 per cent to $2.31 billion and volume increased by 7 per cent to 778 million litres.

A look at Argentina’s wine sector
Last updated 18 Jul 2017

Few people realise just how much shared history Argentina and Australia have. As Europe and the United Kingdom colonised the vast plains and discovered the mineral wealth of both countries, a commodity boom ensued in the late 19th to early 20th centuries that led both Australia and Argentina to become among the richest countries in the world. However, twists of fate have pushed each country on different courses.

Key trends in the evolving Chinese wine market
Last updated 11 Jul 2017

Mainland China is one of the world’s largest markets for imported wine. With a population of 1.38 billion, a burgeoning middle class and modernising consumers, it presents enormous opportunities for Australian wine brands and businesses. 

Trends for Australian wine in the United States
Last updated 04 Jul 2017

As the people of the United States (US) celebrate Independence Day, we examine some trends in one of Australia’s most important wine export markets.

Fortified wines – examining an Australian classic
Last updated 27 Jun 2017

Fortified wines are one of the heroes of the Australian wine sector. While Portugal is known for its Port and Madeira and Spain for its Sherry, Australia produces the world’s finest Muscat, Topaque, Vintage and Tawny fortified wines.

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