Silver chloride not permitted as winemaking aid
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Three new processing aids will soon be available to Australian winemakers - but silver chloride is not one of them.

New investment agreement between Wine Australia and the AWRI to underpin success of Australia’s grape and wine sector
Last updated 04 Sep 2017

Wine Australia and the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) today entered into an agreement covering research, development and extension (RDE) activities at the AWRI from 2017–25.

A lesson in Australian wine for international students
Last updated 18 Aug 2017

More than 150 international university students studying in Adelaide experienced a taste of Australia on Wednesday (16 August) at the Australian Wine Showcase 2017, held at the National Wine Centre of Australia.

Meet Australian wines Future Leaders
Last updated 19 May 2017

Congratulations to the 16 talented and driven professionals from the Australian grape and wine community who have been chosen from a highly competitive field to be the Future Leaders 2017.

Aussie wine takes centre stage
Last updated 19 Apr 2017

Hot on the heels of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Wine Australia’s hosted international sommelier program, the spotlight on Australia’s dynamic food and wine scene will continue to shine in May with the launch of Aussie Wine Month.

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What’s your tolerance? Label alcohol tolerance by market
Last updated 20 Sep 2017

A summary of the current alcohol statement information for 33 plus countries that Wine Australia publishes Export Market Guides for.

The time has come to answer some sparkling questions
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Plenty of Australians are looking forward to popping the corks on a few bottles of sparkling wine as Christmas approaches, but Dr Fiona Kerslake has a professional interest as well.

Making sense of what sensors can offer
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Modern sensors backed by ever-increasing computing power have great potential in the vineyard – so much potential, in fact, that it’s almost hard to know where to start.

Riverland evaluating new clones and rootstocks
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Two field evaluation trials designed to improve the productivity and quality of Riverland grapes are the focus of ongoing research in the region.

Soft pruning making a big impression – at last
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Adrian Williams believes the arrival of soft pruning is the most important thing to happen to Australian viticulture since Richard Smart wrote Sunlight into Wine, his definitive guide to canopy management.

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Positive outlook for Australian domestic wine market
Last updated 19 Sep 2017

The outlook for the domestic market, where approximately 40 per cent of Australia wine is sold, is optimistic, with many positive signs for winemakers after a long period of flat sales and strong competition from imports.

Wine exports to South Korea flourish
Last updated 11 Sep 2017

South Korea is the fourth biggest still wine market in Asia with 3.4 million cases sold in 2016, according to the International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR). 

Opportunities in the Japanese wine market
Last updated 05 Sep 2017

Japan is by far the second biggest wine market in Asia behind mainland China. The International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR) reports that 39.5 million cases of wine were sold in Japan in 2016, compared to 157 million cases in mainland China and 3.8 million cases in third-placed Hong Kong.

Targeting profitable margins for Australian wine
Last updated 29 Aug 2017

The Gross Margin Ready Reckoner is a free and confidential business planning tool, developed by Wine Australia in partnership with Deloitte, that allows wineries to run different production and market scenario simulations to determine the most relevant price point for their wine in a specific market. 

Can the wine sector learn from Starbucks?
Last updated 22 Aug 2017

To help understand the opportunity for Australian wine in mainland China, this week’s Market Bulletin looks at data from the multi-national chain Starbucks. Coffee is a complementary good to wine, as it shares consumers and attributes. Therefore, where Starbucks operates, wine consumers should also be present.

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