Guidelines for $1m of Wine Export Grants now available
Last updated 18 Dec 2017

The Australian Government has released the guidelines for the $50m Export and Regional Wine Support Package Wine Export Grants, prior to applications opening on 2 January 2018.

Wine Australia and CSIRO sign $37 million investment agreement
Last updated 13 Dec 2017

A 5-year $37 million co-investment agreement signed today between Wine Australia and the CSIRO will benefit the Australian grape and wine sector and consumers alike, with research into areas such as winegrape quality, climate adaptation and disease resistance under the microscope.

Applications open for $10m of international wine tourism grants
Last updated 12 Dec 2017

State wine associations, eligible consortia and entities can now apply for funding through the Australian Government’s International Wine Tourism State Grants and International Wine Tourism Competitive Grants.

Australia’s small winemakers report strong growth
Last updated 02 Nov 2017

Australia’s small winemakers have reported strong growth in revenue and production across all sales channels for the second consecutive year, according to the findings of Wine Australia’s Small Winemaker Production and Sales Survey 2016–17 report published today. 

Register for Wine Australia's Exporter Update
Last updated 18 Oct 2017

Wine exporters and those planning to export will hear the latest market insights, trends and opinions from Australia’s key export markets at Wine Australia’s Exporter Update on 9 November in Adelaide.

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A new twist on the fight against fungus
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

Finding a way to fight fungus without fungicides is a long game, but CSIRO researchers in Adelaide are making significant progress.

AWRI using new technique for sensory analysis
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

Pivot profiling is a new sensory technique that is starting to have a big impact in the world of Australian wine.

Murray Valley finding solutions to local issues
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

Hail damage motivated one of the two major vineyard projects currently under way in the Murray Valley region and inadvertently affected the other.

Rootstock performance changing over time
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

Research has revealed differences over time in the yield rankings and the salt exclusion performance of a variety of mature grafted vines when compared with their younger selves.

The evidence supports the value of undervine crops
Last updated 12 Jan 2018

The science is starting to come together on the question of what to do in the undervine region of the vineyard floor, with new research further highlighting the value of cover cropping to enhance soil health.

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New world wine market compendium
Last updated 19 Dec 2017

Professor Kym Anderson and colleagues at the University of Adelaide have just released Global wine markets 1860–2016: a statistical compendium.

How the wine sector has changed since 2011
Last updated 12 Dec 2017

The changing demographics in the grape and wine sector have been revealed in the latest information from the ABS. The 2016 census shows that women’s participation has increased and the workforce is ageing; there was a record 11 female and 4 male grape growers over the age of 90.

What is driving grape prices in Australia’s warmer inland regions?
Last updated 05 Dec 2017

Australia’s three warmer inland regions of the Riverland, Murray Darling–Swan Hill and Riverina are the engine room of the Australian grape and wine community’s production volumes.

Alternative packaging exports are on the rise
Last updated 28 Nov 2017

Exports of Australian wine in alternative packaging – such as cans and single-serve plastic glasses – are on the rise.

What is the premiumisation trend?
Last updated 21 Nov 2017

Premiumisation is arguably the most significant trend influencing the global alcoholic drinks market. Generally, most markets worldwide have seen consumers trading up to higher value products across a wide range of categories.

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