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Australia is the fifth largest exporter of wine in the world and exports approximately 60 per cent of its total production.

Australian wine: one of our most successful export products

Australia is the fifth largest exporter of wine in the world and exports approximately 60 per cent of its total production.  Australia currently has over 2000 wine exporters sending tens of thousands of different wines to 126 destinations worldwide.

Global demand for Australian wine fuelled extraordinary growth in wine exports between 1991 and 2007, during which period they increased in value from $212 million to over $3 billion.  

A number of factors combined to hit the sector between 2007 and 2013, causing volumes and values to fall, but the last four years have seen strong signs of recovery, driven mainly by demand for Australian red wines in North East Asia, particularly China.

Australia’s top five export markets by value as at 31 December 2017 are:

  • mainland China (33 per cent of total export value)
  • United States of America (18 per cent)
  • United Kingdom (14 per cent)
  • Canada (7 per cent), and
  • Hong Kong (5 per cent)

Wine exports grew by 15 per cent in value to $2.56 billion in 2017, while volume grew to 811 million litres – a calendar year high. Growth has been strong in higher price segments, reflecting growing demand for Australian premium wines.

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Australian wine export market summaries

Latest update: 09 Nov 2018

Australian wine export markets profiles including summary statistics on volume and value of total wine exports, and recent growth trends benchmarked against Australia's total wine exports.

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Latest update: 24 Oct 2018

The Australian wine export report provides detailed analysis of trends in Australian exports by destination, price point, wine style, variety and GI region.

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This report builders enables the user to explore Australian wine exports as far back as 1990

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Australian wine export monitor

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A high-level historical summary of total exports of Australian wine. Value and volume of export sales by wine style and container type for the past 10 financial years and the most recent moving annual total.

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Report on Australian wine exports above $10 per litre

Latest update: 24 Oct 2018

Summary of Australian wine exports sold at A$10 or above per litre (FOB). Includes total value and volume, top five export destinations and top five regional and variety label claims by price point.

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Australian Regional Export Reports

Latest update: 24 Oct 2018

Regional Export Reports provide an overview of bottled wine exports from the main GI regions in Australia, where there is a GI region claim on the label. They include statistics on the volume, value and average value of bottled wine exports by colour and wine style, price point and destination for the past 12 months compared with the previous equivalent 12-month period.

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