Prices effective 1 July 2014 Total $ (GST exempt)
Licence application - Wine grapes levy-payer* 700.00
Licence application - Wine export charge-payer* 1,084.00
Licence renewal 700.00
Product registration - packaged 28.00
Product registration - bulk 62.00
Shipping application - WEA users (email)  25.00
Shipping application - Non-WEA users (fax)  48.00
 VI1 certificate 12.00
 Import certificate - electronic 25.00
 Import certificate - hardcopy** 30.00
Certificate of origin 25.00


*A Wine Grapes levy-payer is a winemaker who is liable to pay the levy pursuant to Schedule 26 to the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Act 1999. The Wine Export Charge is payable by a licensed exporter on wine produced and exported from Australia. Contact DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) for further information.

Note, the licence fee incorporates a $200 non-refundable processing charge.

** Fee includes 2 original copies ($1.00 for each additional copy).

All fees are payable by cheque or through an established credit facility with Wine Australia.