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FeesPrices effective 1 July 2023, 
Total $ (GST exempt)
Prices effective 1 July 2024 and subject to change,
Total $ (GST exempt)
Licence application - Wine grapes levy-payer*1050.00
Licence application - Wine export charge-payer*1050.00
Licence renewal900.00950.00
Label Registration fee***38.0040.00
Product registration - bulk62.0065.00
Shipping application - requested on WALAS30.0032.00
Shipping application - requested via email/fax53.0055.00
Shipping exemption application30.00
 VI1 certificate (2 copies)20.0022.00
 Export documents - requested on WALAS**20.0022.00
 Export documents - requested via email**25.0025.00
 Express PostN/A10.00

Why does Wine Australia charge these fees?

Consistent with powers contained in the Wine Australia Act 2013 (Act) and the Wine Australia Regulations 2018 (Regulations), Wine Australia charges regulatory fees for:

  • issuance of export licences
  • product approvals
  • label registrations
  • shipping approvals
  • applications for the export of small quantities of grape products, and
  • import certificates (such as certificates of origin and VI1 documents [EU specific]).

The fees charged on these services ensure that we can:

  • continue to operate and provide the regulatory services that the sector values, and
  • protect the integrity of Australian wine.

In accordance with the Regulatory Charging Order, regulatory fees are required to be charged at cost recovery.

Why have the fees and charges changed?

Wine Australia is responsible for the regulation of Australian wine, including the control of exports. We are required by the Wine Australia Act 2013 to charge for these services at cost recovery. The Australian Government Cost Recovery Policy requires Wine Australia to review its fees and charges regularly to ensure that we operate our services at cost recovery. As a result, our fees and charges can change.

*A Wine Grapes levy-payer is a winemaker who is liable to pay the levy pursuant to Schedule 26 to the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Act 1999. The Wine Export Charge is payable by a licensed exporter on wine produced and exported from Australia. Contact the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for further information.

** Fee includes 2 signed original copies per certificate (5 signed original copies for Certificates of Origin). 

 *** From 1 June 2021, the product registration fee was replaced by a label registration fee of $38. Exporters are only liable to pay a maximum of two label registration fees in relation to a single product.

Note: WALAS users can pay fees and charges online through WALAS.
Read Wine Australia‚Äôs Cost Recovery Implementation Statement.


This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.