Photo credit: Tscharkes Place Barossa by Tourism Australia
Photo credit: Tscharkes Place Barossa by Tourism Australia

Wine Australia supports a competitive wine sector by investing in research, development and extension (RD&E), growing domestic and international markets, protecting the reputation of Australian wine and administering the Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

We work closely with our representative organisations, wine sector bodies and our partners to support the long-term success of the Australian grape and wine community. 

Our vision: Australia is recognised as the world’s pre-eminent wine producer

Our long-term ambition is for Australia to be recognised as the world’s pre-eminent wine producer. Our five-year goal is a prosperous Australian grape and wine community and our Strategic Plan 2015–2020 outlines our priorities and activities to achieve this. 

Priority 1: Increasing demand and the premium paid for all Australian wine

We will address the challenge of general global perception leading to lower prices through an unwavering focus on increasing the appreciation of our fine wines. We must continually invest in supporting the pursuit of excellence in viticulture, winemaking and the business of wine to better understand and express our unique terroirs and to increase the international esteem of the resulting wines.

Priority 2: Increasing competitiveness 

We will address the challenge of the fiercely competitive global marketplace by increasing competitiveness in our vineyards, our wineries and our wine businesses. We will invest in capturing the opportunities of new technologies, understanding supply and demand, and improving performance to become more sustainable, differentiated and more competitive.

What we do

We are an Australian Government statutory authority governed by the Wine Australia Act 2013. Our role under the Act is to:

  • coordinate or fund grape and wine research and development (R&D), and facilitate the dissemination, adoption and commercialisation of the results
  • control the export of wine from Australia, and
  • increase the demand for Australian wine, both in Australia and overseas, through targeted promotion and marketing activities.

Our funding sources

We are funded by grapegrowers and winemakers through levies and user-pays charges, and by the Australian Government, which provides matching funding for research, development and extension (RD&E) investments.

Our funding is split into four primary areas to deliver value to our stakeholders:

  1. Research, development and extension (RD&E)
    The Grape research levy  (grapegrowers pay $2 per tonne of winegrapes crushed) and the R&D component of the Wine grapes levy  (wineries pay $5 per tonne of winegrapes crushed) are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Australian Government.
  2. Regulatory services
    Regulatory activities are funded on a cost-recovery basis through activity-based fees. 
  3. Market development
    Wineries pay the promotion component of the Wine grapes levy  in a stepped amount per tonne. The promotion component is payable on grapes delivered to a winery once the threshold of 10 tonnes has been reached.
    Wine businesses also pay the Wine export charge  on wine produced in and exported from Australia. The amount of levy payable is based on the free-on-board (FOB) sales value of wine for the levy year.
  4. User-pays activities
    Wine businesses, regional associations and state governments pay voluntary contributions to participate in marketing activities.

Our governance and operations support us to achieve the best possible return on the investment of our RD&E, market development and regulatory funds.

Funding Agreement

The Funding Agreement 2015–19 between the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) and the Australian Government ensures that the funding we receive from levies and matching Australian Government funds for eligible research, development and extension is expended prudently and in line with levy payers’ and the Australian Government’s expectations. 

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages the Funding Agreement on behalf of the Australian Government.