Export Market Guide - United Kingdom

All regulatory information for exporting wine goods to the United Kingdom including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

The UK became a member of the European Union on 1 January 1973 at the same time as Denmark and the Republic of Ireland. The UK’s accession to the EU was vetoed on two occasions by France in

1963 and 1967. There is still a relative amount of scepticism in the UK about the benefits of EU membership and for this reason, the UK has opted not to adopt the Euro which is the third stage of the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU.

On the 23 June 2016, a referendum was held in the UK on the country’s membership with the EU.  This referendum was arranged by Parliament when it passed the European Union Referendum Act 2015. The result was 51.9% in support of an exit and 48.1% to remain.

The exact process for the UK's withdrawal is uncertain under EU law, although it is generally expected to take longer than two years. Article 50 which governs the withdrawal has never been used before.

Member states:

United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Regulatory environment

Until the UK officially withdraws from the EU, a process that can take at least 2 years, EU regulations apply in the UK market. Refer to the EU Market Guide for information on the regulatory system.

Import procedures for the United Kingdom Market

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Duties and taxes for the United Kingdom market

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Labelling requirements for the United Kingdom market

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Wine standards for the United Kingdom market

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