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Geographical indications (GIs) are descriptions applied to a product that identify where it comes from. Eg Darjeeling tea must come from that region in India, and Feta cheese must come from the Feta region in Greece. In the Australian wine sector, Geographical Indications refer to the origin of winegrapes. Only wine made from grapes grown within a particular defined boundary can use the Geographical Indication of that location. For example: Margaret River, Barossa Valley. Wine Australia conducts an audit program to ensure that wineries making a Geographical Indication claim for their wine, can prove through their documentation that the grapes in the wine come from the specified Geographical Indication (GI), to the extent required by the blending rules.


The geographical indication (GI) boundaries are defined by legislation and entered in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications and Other Terms, which is maintained by Wine Australia. The definitions are based on textual descriptions of the boundaries.

Geographical Indications include:

  • Zones
  • Regions
  • Sub-regions

Generally, sub-regions are contained within regions and regions are contained within zones. Regions and sub-regions are defined if they can be demonstrated to meet criteria regarding similarity of grapegrowing characteristics within the defined boundary, based on an application presented to the Geographical Indications Committee. Zones were initially declared by the Geographical Indications Committee in December 1996 in order to establish a framework for Geographical Indications in the wine sector, and are larger areas that cover all of Australia. It is not possible to grow grapes in Australia outside of a GI zone. 

Super-zones also exist, which incorporate more than one zone and each state is a protected GI term.

Viewing the Geographical Indications

Australian Wine Geographic Indications Map Dashboard

This is an interactive map that allows you to explore Australia’s wine geographical indications, look up statistics about each GI, view vineyard locations and print maps.

Table of Geographical Indications hierarchy including textual descriptions

This table includes all Australian Geographical Indications protected in the Register. Each entry includes a textual description and a map.

Digital versions of boundaries for using in mapping applications

The Geographical Indications of Australia boundaries (Wine Zones, Regions and Subregions) are available for use in GIS/mapping applications from the Wine Australia Open Data Hub.

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PDF maps

All Australian Wine Regions
All Australian Wine Zones
New South Wales Wine Regions
Queensland Wine Regions
South Australia Wine Regions
Tasmania Wine Region
Victoria Wine Regions
Western Australia Wine Regions

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.