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Regulatory information for exporting wine goods to the United States including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

Australia and the USA have a close relationship with similar values and a cultural affinity. This is underpinned by the defence and security alliance between the two countries. The US is Australia’s most important trading partner. In 2005, the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement was signed, further strengthening the trade and investment links.

In 2001, Australia and the United States signed the Mutual Acceptance Agreement on Oenological Practices, an initiative of the World Wine Trade Group. The essential element of the Agreement is that each country will permit the importation of wines from another signatory country as long as the wine is made in accordance with the producing countries’ domestic laws on oenological practices.

In January 2007, the World Wine Trade Group signed an Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labelling. The labelling agreement allows for the possibility of a single ‘global’ label through eliminating mandatory placement requirements and introducing a ‘single field of vision’ concept. Refer to Additional Labelling Information for further details.

The US market is very complex and highly regulated. Regulations regarding sales and distribution of wine vary from state to state, and individual municipalities may also have their own set of rules. The information in this report should be used as a guide only. It is recommended that companies intending to export to the USA consult with a licensed importer and/or the US Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB), which regulates the sale and movement of all alcoholic beverages in the USA. 

Regulatory environment

The US wine market is very complex and highly regulated. The Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulate the sale and movement of all alcoholic beverages in the USA.

The TTB administer the Code of Federal Regulations which includes the labelling and packaging of wine. The Food and Drug Administration administer regulations which fall under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and the Bioterrorism Act. The US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for the regulation of imports.

Import Procedure for the United States market

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