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Wine Australia market insights

Market insights

Your weekly market insights

Wine sector statistics and market insights

The Market Insights section of the website provides a comprehensive range of statistics, data, analysis and insights on wine markets, grapegrowing and wine production, to assist business decision-making within the Australian wine sector.

Reports are grouped into categories under different menu headings, which can be found by sliding your mouse over the ‘Market Insights’ heading in the top menu bar. Alternatively, use the tiles below as a starting point or search the full range of products available via the search function.

Accessing reports and online data

Some reports are restricted to winegrape levy payers and wine exporters.  To access these reports, you will need to sign up with a valid wine industry ABN or exporter ID and you will need to be logged in to view and download the reports.

While some reports are restricted to levy payers and exporters, others are publicly available or can be purchased.  For more information, go to the sign up page.

If you have any questions or can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us on 08 8228 2000 or at

For wine exporters

United Kingdom
The UK is Australia’s largest export market by volume and the third largest market for imported wine in the world.
United States
The USA is the world’s largest wine market and the largest wine importer (by value).
Australia is the fifth largest exporter of wine in the world and exports approximately 60 per cent of its total production.
FOB to retail calculator
Allows users to calculate what the bottle price will be on shelf (the RRP) in international markets for a given FOB value.

For winegrape growers

Grape production and pricing
This section includes a number of reports related to the supply of wine grapes – including vineyard plantings, grape crush and wine grape pricing by region and variety.
Vintage Survey dashboard
Provides vintage crush figures by variety and region since 2015 as well as grape price data back to 2008.
Gross margin ready reckoner
Business planning tool that calculates the profit margin that can be achieved by a wine depending on its cost of production, the market it is going into and the target price point.

For winemakers

Wine production and sales
There are over 2000 wine businesses in Australia, producing over 1 billion litres of wine annually. Two-thirds of wine sales are exports.
The Australian domestic market accounts for approximately 500 million litres of Australian wine per year or 40 per cent of Australian wine production – making it by far our largest individual wine market.
Interactive Insights
A portal providing links to all the Market Insights interactive dashboards: exports, vintage survey, market explorer and geographical indications.

For students and industry commentators

Wine sector at a glance
Provides high-level summary reports with key statistics on the wine sector including plantings, grape crush, sales, exports and economic contribution.
Market bulletin
A weekly commentary analysing the latest international and domestic market data, trends and reports.
Market explorer
Wine Australia’s Market Explorer can help determine which market is the most attractive to an Australian wine business.

This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.

Levy payers/exporters
Non-levy payers/exporters
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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.