Product registration

Products must be registered with Wine Australia prior to export. In order to obtain approval a Continuing Approval Application for each product must be registered with Wine Australia via the Wine Export Approval system. The application includes a chemical analysis, the compositional data of the vintage, variety and geographical indication of the wine, and details of any labels associated with the blend. Registered products are issued a Continuing Approval Number.

Sample analysis program

The purpose of the Sample Analysis Program is for the inspection and analysis of samples to confirm compliance with technical standards, including those outlined within the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The parameters to be examined are established by the Wine Industry Technical Advisory Committee and reviewed annually. You may be requested to provide wine samples either at the time of product registration, during a field audit, or at any other time Wine Australia considers it necessary to request samples.

In the case of packaged wine, two fully labelled samples of the product should be provided. In the case of bulk wine, samples should be provided in glass bottles of at least 187 ml and sealed with a non-cork closure. The samples must be representative of the product registered for export. Bulk wine samples may also be selected for return audit following packaging by offshore consignees. 

It is expected that manufacturers and exporters will retain at least two samples of each product registered for export for at least six months after export. Samples of each bulk wine consignment should be retained for at least six months after shipment. It is recommended that manufacturers and exporters retain samples for as long as practical.