The Blending Rules


A vintage is the year in which the grapes were harvested. In the case of fruit harvested after September 1 in a calendar year and on or before December 31, the following calendar year is the effective vintage date.


The OIV List of Vine Varieties and their synonyms permitted for use by Australia can be viewed here.

For the purpose of determining the proportion of the varieties, the quantity of products used for possible sweetening and cultures of micro-organisms, not exceeding a total of 50m/l (5%), is excluded.

Geographical Indication

A Geographical Indication (GI) is a word or expression used in the description and  presentation of a wine to indicate  the country, region or locality in which it originated or to suggest that a particular quality, reputation or characteristic of the wine is  attributable to the wine having originated in the country, region or locality indicated by the word or expression.

Australia’s GI’s are published in the Register of Protected  Geographical Indications and Other Terms.

Below is a table that provides a summary of the blending rules. Vintages, varieties and geographical indications can only be claimed on labels which meet the definition of wine. “Wine products” cannot make any vintage, or geographical indication claims, variety claims are however permitted. Please refer to the regulations for the specific rules. Any claim must be listed in descending order of its proportion in the wine.