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Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Safeguarding the future for Australian wine

Wine regions all around the world are facing production challenges as a result of climate change, and global action towards a lower carbon future is accelerating. We all need to consider the carbon within our products to reduce our impact on the climate and to ensure access to key markets in the future.

The Emissions Reduction Roadmap is a coordinated and science-backed approach to reducing emissions across the entire grape and wine value chain. It will guide our sector towards a lower carbon future and will help safeguard the future of Australian wine.

The pathway to 2030

Our roadmap identifies the current footprint of the Australian grape and wine sector, the key areas where emissions reduction can be achieved, and provides practical steps for growers, winemakers, and other industry stakeholders to start or further reduce emissions from today. 

With the initiatives we’ve modelled, based on science and industry data, we know that there is a 42 per cent reduction opportunity that can be achieved by 2030. These initiatives target emissions generated in the vineyard, in the winery and through the supply chain.

To reach net zero by 2050, we’ll need collaboration and partnerships across our sector and other industries, integration of emerging technologies and decarbonisation from high emitting supplier industries. It’s a collective effort, which we can start now.

Taking action from today

The Roadmap is supported by the Emissions Reduction Guide, a reference manual containing tools, resources and advice to help Australia’s grapegrowers and winemakers take action in their own businesses.

Download the Emissions Reduction Roadmap and the resources for your business to transition to a lower emissions future. We’ll keep adding further information and resources as they become available.

Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Download the Emissions Reduction Roadmap


Emissions Reduction Guide

Download the Emissions Reduction Guide for Australian grapegrowers and winemakers


Guide to carbon accounting tools

Download a guide to carbon accounting tools for the Australian grape and wine sector



On Wednesday 27 September, Wine Australia and Edge Impact hosted a webinar to go through the details of the Emissions Reduction Roadmap.

Watch the replay

We’ll do it together

We cannot do this alone. Collaboration is key to achieving our emissions reduction goals. 

We need to work together as an industry to share knowledge, resources, and best practices. By doing so, we can drive real change and ensure the long-term success of our industry.

We’ll keep updating this webpage with useful information, research findings, factsheets, links and case studies from across the entire wine production and supply chain, so keep visiting.

We’d love to keep in touch through our email-based Australian wine emissions reduction network. Join to hear from other producers on their emissions reduction journey, share the challenges and wins you have experienced, and hear about helpful resources, tools and projects.  

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.