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The Australian domestic market: our biggest customer

The Australian domestic market accounts for approximately 500 million litres of Australian wine per year or 40 per cent of Australian wine production – making it by far our largest individual wine market.

White wine is the largest category with 45 per cent of domestic sales, followed by red with 40 per cent and sparkling with 11 per cent. The share of red wine has been growing in recent years.

Australian wine dominates the local market, with imported wine from all sources having less than a 20 per cent share. Australia imports around 95 million litres of wine per year, of which two-thirds comes from New Zealand.

There are positive signs in the Australian domestic market after a long period of flat sales. Australian wine consumption increased to 29.6 litres per annum in 2016 after five years in decline, according to the International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR), and the IWSR forecasts that wine sales will continue to grow slowly over the next five years. There is also a trend towards drinking higher priced wine, with sales above $10 per bottle (off-trade) increasing in 2017 while sales below $10 per bottle declined.

Wine Intelligence has forecast that there will be continued strong growth in lighter style red wines, the rosé category and sparkling wines over the next few years. Australian wine consumers are also increasingly looking for diversity in wine offerings and becoming familiar with alternative varieties.  However, strong competition exists in the market from both imported wines and other alcohol products including craft beer and cider.

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IRI (Aztec) liquor outlook report

Latest update: 15 Jun 2018

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Australian wine import monitors

Latest update: 23 Mar 2018

High level summaries of wine imported into Australia. Includes volume and value of imports by colour and container type and by the top ten source countries, plus year-on-year trends over the past 10 financial years. 

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