Register for Wine Australia's Exporter Update
Last updated 18 Oct 2017

Wine exporters and those planning to export will hear the latest market insights, trends and opinions from Australia’s key export markets at Wine Australia’s Exporter Update on 9 November in Adelaide.

Australian Retail Wine Market Insights
Last updated 06 Oct 2017

Wine Australia, IRI and Wine Intelligence will tag team to provide a comprehensive insight
into the Australian retail wine market on Monday 20 October 2017, at the Australian Wine Research
Institute in Adelaide.

Nuffield Scholar on the hunt for new vine varieties
Last updated 22 Sep 2017

Martin Gransden, from Orange NSW, has been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Wine Australia, to research alternative wine grape varieties that can be introduced to the Australian wine sector, which currently relies largely on traditional varieties from France

Silver chloride not permitted as winemaking aid
Last updated 08 Sep 2017

Three new processing aids will soon be available to Australian winemakers - but silver chloride is not one of them.

New investment agreement between Wine Australia and the AWRI to underpin success of Australia’s grape and wine sector
Last updated 04 Sep 2017

Wine Australia and the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) today entered into an agreement covering research, development and extension (RDE) activities at the AWRI from 2017–25.

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A ‘fine’ way to use Botrytis
Last updated 13 Oct 2017

Little more than a year ago Rachel Self’s wine knowledge didn’t extend much beyond knowing what styles she liked to drink. Now she’s well on track to potentially changing one of the key steps in the winemaking process.

Putting berry shrivel under the microscope
Last updated 13 Oct 2017

Dr Vinay Pagay will be investigating the environmental factors that may be the cause of berry shrivel in Cabernet Sauvignon, and the impact that varying degrees of shrivel have on yields and wine quality during vintage 2018.

Science award helps create a great science outcome
Last updated 13 Oct 2017

When Jake Dunlevy took out the Viticulture and Oenology section of the 2016 Science and Innovation Awards, he added a new component to a four-year project looking at a novel genetic approach to keeping salt out of vines.

Science Protecting Plant Health
Last updated 13 Oct 2017

More than 500 delegates attended SciPlant 2017, a multi-sector agriculture conference that has many highlights and learnings for Australian viticulture.

Unwanted malo leads to an Australian first
Last updated 13 Oct 2017

The release of the first uniquely Australian bacteria isolate for winemaking is proof that big gains can flow from small disappointments.

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Value and volume of Australian wine exports grow strongly in 12 months to September 2017
Last updated 19 Oct 2017

Wine Australia’s Export Report released today shows that, in the 12 months ended 30 September 2017, Australian wine exports continued to grow strongly in both volume and value. Export value grew 13 per cent to $2.44 billion and volume grew by 9 per cent to 799 million litres.

A detailed look at Australia’s wine supply and demand
Last updated 10 Oct 2017

Australian wine production has outstripped sales over the last two years, which has seen Australian wine stocks build.

Greater China – opportunity for Chardonnay?
Last updated 03 Oct 2017

Historically, white wine has had very little presence in China. However, the latest export figures and consumer research shows that white wine is gaining traction in China, presenting growth opportunities for Australia’s major white variety, Chardonnay.

Organic wine: the latest trend in the popular Nordic market
Last updated 26 Sep 2017

With less than a month until Wine Australia’s Norwegian Annual Tasting, we look at the growing popularity of organic wine in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. 

Positive outlook for Australian domestic wine market
Last updated 19 Sep 2017

The outlook for the domestic market, where approximately 40 per cent of Australia wine is sold, is optimistic, with many positive signs for winemakers after a long period of flat sales and strong competition from imports.

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