Founded in the 1850s, the heritage streetscapes of Heathcote reflect the town's gold rush past but it's the wineries of the area that are the major drawcard today. The first vines appeared in the 1860s, but it was not until the 1960s that the real wave of development occurred.


The Shiraz grape is the main planting, with the Heathcote Shiraz being renowned for its unique character. Visitors to the region can taste the wines and meet the winemakers at cellar doors all year round. 

36° 54'S
Growing season rainfall

Cabernet Sauvignon

Further proving that this is red wine country, the Cabernet Sauvignon style is rich and generous, with blackberry aromatics and flavours. Some of the classic central Victorian eucalypt-mint character is present in some vintages.


Few would argue that Heathcote's climate and soil produces world-class Shiraz with a unique character. It is deep, rich and velvety, with cascades of dark cherry plum and sweetly spicy fruit. The ripe but fine tannins give texture, sustaining length and a superb ability to age.

Top varieties grown in Heathcote
  • Heathcote's climate and soils are strongly influenced by the Mt Camel Range, providing natural tunnelling for the prevailing cool, south to south-east winds that blow throughout the growing period from October to March. 
  • The result is a cooler mean January temperature with summer temperatures two to three degrees lower than the peaks for nearby Bendigo. 
  • Rainfall is surprisingly even during the year and, thanks to the hillside location of most vineyards, spring frost is seldom a problem.
  • While there is significant soil variation in the region, the slopes of the Mt Camel Range comprise a superb red soil with fine structure overlying uniformly textured red calcareous sodic clay soils. Confusingly, these soils are known as Cambrian Greenstones.