It is no surprise that the Pyrenees mountain range shares its name with the ruggedly beautiful area that divides France and Spain - sweeping vistas, a temperate climate and passion for petanque are similarities that go way beyond the name.


The Pyrenees foothills and ranges create a remarkable diversity of microclimates that provide a wealth of variety for winemakers. The Pyrenees is a quintessential Australian wine region, the vineyards appearing sporadically between the ever present eucalyptus trees. 

37° 09'S
Growing season rainfall

Cabernet Sauvignon

The wines produced from Cabernet Sauvignon can possess a sumptuously rich mid palate, with flavours running from eucalypt mint through to black currant as well as the earthy characters that develop during maturation. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Produced by a number of makers, Sauvignon Blanc in the cooler years is showing distinctive varietal character. 


Sweet and rich fruit flavours with red/black cherry and dark chocolate the dominant flavours. Pepper and spice occasionally appear alongside strong, supple tannins that ensure these wines have good ageing potential. 

Top varieties grown in Pyrenees
  • The inland location gives rise to low midsummer relative humidity and to substantial diurnal temperature ranges in spring and early summer. 
  • Sunshine hours are generous but growing season rainfall is limited, making irrigation almost essential.  
  • White and sparkling wines now contribute to the reputation of the region but are better suited to the cooler south of the region. 
  • The soils are the common grey-brown and brown loamy sands and sandy loams, though tending to be heavy.  They are improved by the addition of gypsum and lime.  
  • Vine vigour is moderate, as are yields. Red sandstones are also present and are better suited to white or sparkling wines.