With majestic vistas, spectacular rocky outcrops and waterfalls, the diverse landscape is reflected in the fresh and aromatic wines. This distinction and diversity is reflected in the wines, drawn from fruit grown in more than 25 vineyards located across the region.


The region is mix of farming country and tracts of forests and there is a diversity of landscapes, with majestic vistas, spectacular rocky outcrops, waterfalls and ferny glades.

37° 12'S
Growing season rainfall


Due to the region's altitude, these are elegant, cool-area wines with melon and lime aromas and flavours. On the palate good acidity means the wines mature quite well over the two to three-year medium term, developing more complex stone fruit flavours. 

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir from the region shows good colour and often shows ripe strawberry traits on nose and palate. At higher elevation the variety can display its traditional delicacy, fine aromas and flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc

The fresh herbaceous characters of this variety are a hallmark of wines from the Ranges. 


The region's Shiraz wines are typically excellent, full-fruited styles with spicy berry aromas. The wines show elegance and style, achieving a balance between warm and cool climate styles. 

Top varieties grown in Strathbogie Ranges
  • The region's lower north-western parts adjoining Euroa are quite warm and suitable for full bodied red wines but as the terrain rises to the east it becomes much cooler and more suitable for finer wines. 
  • The season is characterised by cold, wet winters, widely variable spring weather, dry and warm to hot summers, and lingering autumns of warm clear days and cool, crisp nights. 
  • The ample rainfall occurs principally in winter to early spring. 
  • Spring frosts are an occasional hazard, as are hot northerly winds during ripening. 
  • The vineyards are generally situated on alluvial/colluvial sands and sandy loams composed of decomposed granite that is rather acidic (pH 4-5). 
  • These soils are often littered with fractured quartz and ironstone gravel over clay or solid doleritic granite.