Upper Goulburn

The Upper Goulburn region is rich in natural beauty of lakes and river systems and is recognised as the major gateway to Victoria’s high country. The Upper Goulburn wine region is one of Victoria's coolest regions - with wineries sitting beside snowfields.


While a relatively large region, it is unified by its elevation and hilly topography. The Upper Goulburn offers quality wines matched with distinctive regional cuisine and tourism experiences that excite the senses.

37° 3'S
Growing season rainfall


This is clearly the foremost wine of the region. The wines have considerable weight and richness, while still showing flavours in the stone fruit, nectarine, citrus and melon spectrum and can be long-lived. 


Superbly aromatic, crisp and elegant wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

Tangy, crisp herbal wines that are seldom rich or particularly complex, but do show good varietal character. 

Top varieties grown in Upper Goulburn
  • The climate is strongly influenced by altitude (300 -700 metres) but the picking dates, and the wine styles, leave little doubt that this is a very cool region overall. 
  • Rainfall varies from 700 millimetres to 1400 millimetres. Rainfall increases with altitude and heat summation varies considerably. 
  • As in all high country, site selection is of paramount importance. North and north-east facing slopes offer the best chance of fully ripening the grapes. 
  • The soils are varied and range from granitic and granodiorite to sandstone, siltstone, claystone, limestone and dolomite.