Exports to the United States hit highest value in five years as demand for fine Australian wine continues to grow

19 Jul 2017
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San Francisco (CA) – The value of Australian wine exports to the United States (US) continued to grow in the 12 months to June 2017, reaching its highest level since 2012, according to the Wine Australia Export Report June 2017 released today.

In 2016–17, exports to the US increased by 3 per cent to US$367 million (A$464 million), while volume increased by 14 per cent to 179 million liters. The demand for fine Australian wine continues to grow as exports A$10 or more per liter (approximately US$15 and above retail) increased 21 per cent to US$34 million (A$43 million).

The strong growth in premium wine exports is also evident in retail figures. Figures from IRI show that off-trade sales grew across most premium price points in the US in the 12 months to June 2017.

  • US$8–10.99 per bottle – up 40 per cent
  • US$11–14.99 per bottle – up 15 per cent
  • US$15–19.99 per bottle - up 70 per cent
  • US$25+ per bottle – up 17 per cent

Wine Australia’s Head of Market, Americas Aaron Ridgway said:

‘To see 70 per cent growth at $15–19.99 per bottle in retail is particularly compelling. Australian wine offers superior value for money in that key price segment, and as consumers see more choices on shelves it will further encourage trading up.”

This increasing demand for premium Australian wine comes at a time of renewed excitement and interest in the Australian category evident throughout May and June at Wine Australia’s educational campaign ‘Australia Up Close’.  More than 1000 members of the wine trade attended events that spanned 3 weeks and 9 cities across the United States and Canada. A record number of regions and grape varieties took part, with wines from 74 wineries representing more than half of Australia’s 65 wine regions, and joined by 31 winemakers.

Australian wine’s top five export markets accounted for 74 per cent of the value of exports

  • Mainland China – US$483 million ▲44%
  • US – US$369 million ▲3%
  • UK – US$271 million ▼7%
  • Canada ­– US$148 million ▼5%
  • Hong Kong ­– US$91 million ▼8%.

*Free on board (FOB) - ‘Free on board' value of the wine, where the point of valuation is where goods are placed on board the international carrier, at the border of the exporting country. The FOB value includes production and other costs up until placement on the international carrier but excludes international insurance and transport costs.

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