Australia Day Tasting Dublin 2017
Australia Day Tasting Dublin 2017
Australia Day Tasting Dublin 2017 30 Jan 2017
RHA Gallery, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2
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This year’s ADT in Dublin was Ireland’s largest trade tasting of Australian wine to date, with over 250 wines from 21 different regions.

The tasting was held in the impressive RHA Gallery, a contemporary-style art gallery in the centre of Dublin.

Around 120 visitors from across Ireland attended, including buyers and sommeliers from leading restaurants and bars.  A number of winery principals also flew in from Australia to pour their wines – Phil Jeffries, Jonathon Hesketh, Justin Fairweather, Chris Pfeiffer, Sue Henderson and Olivia Barry amongst others.

Visitors tasted great classic wines from the likes of Cullen, Clonakilla and Bindi as well as new-wave artisans like Jauma, Ochota Barrels and Gentle Folk. 

For the first time at any Australia Day Tasting, Wine Australia showcased a line-up of wines, chosen not by the exhibitors, but by members of the Irish wine trade.  We approached eight members of the Irish wine trade, who have visited Australia over the last few years, and asked them to nominate wines that ignited a love for Australian wine or with special significance.  The group’s nominations were open to try in the ‘Inspired Tasting’ area and included some wines not seen before in the Irish trade. 

Master class

30 January 2017
11am – 12.30pm Inspired Tasting
Inspired Tasting
Monday, 11am – 12.30pm
Presented by
Liam Campbell

Wine writer Liam Campbell took a journey through the vineyards, relaying the stories and top tips he discovered from his recent trip to Australia.

The wines that most inspired Liam during his visit were tasted. Still, sparkling and fortified, Liam’s picks showed off cool climate regions and alternative varieties, and challenged the traditional assumptions of Australian wine. 

This was an opportunity to taste a diverse range of wines and gain insight into Australia’s unique and revered styles and regions.  

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