Wine Australia UK/Europe market programs
Wine Australia UK/Europe market programs

The United Kingdom (UK) and Europe continue to be very important markets for Australian wine.

The United Kingdom (UK) and Europe continue to be very important markets for Australian wine. The 12 months to March 2018 saw exports of Australian wine to the UK increase in value by 9 per cent to $373 million and exports to Europe increase in value by 5 per cent to $596 million.

More Australian wine is shipped to the UK than to any other market. In the UK off-trade Australian sales increased by 2 per cent in value in 2017, maintaining the nation’s long-held number one position in the UK retail market according to market data analysts, Nielsen. In the UK on-trade, Australia is in third place behind Italy and France and ahead of USA.

While the UK is the biggest destination for Australian wine, Australia also exports wine to over 30 European countries and there are encouraging signs of growth across a number of markets. For the year to March 2018, Germany is up by 23 per cent to $59 million, Finland up by 8 per cent to $17 million and Belgium up by 12 per cent to $16 million.

The growth in exports reflects the resurgence of interest in Australian wine, with trade and consumers revisiting the classics and discovering the new. Australian wine is going through an exciting period of evolution and revolution, which is exactly what we want to demonstrate to the UK and Europe markets. Matthew Jukes, UK wine writer and publisher of highlights the evolution of Australian wine:

“Fruit bombs, over-oaked chardonnay, porty reds and ‘sunshine in a glass’ are all a very distant memory. Today’s top Australian wines are perfectly balanced, refreshing, energetic, stunning value for money and first class.”

To keep this momentum going, Wine Australia will target the UK and Europe markets, delivering master classes, trade tastings and a range of events to demonstrate the quality, diversity and evolution of Australian wine.  We’ll continue to challenge preconceptions, enthuse the trade and showcase what’s coming out of Australia today. Through these activities, we will help you – the producers and importers - to place great Australian wines on the retail shelves, online and in wine lists, and ensure that they are included in positive conversations across the media. For producers, to maximise these opportunities and increase engagement with the trade, we’d highly recommend the winemakers and winery principals come over from Australia.

Following the success of the Australia Day Tastings 2018 and ProWein 2018, these events will return in 2019. The Nordic Roadshow - covering Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - will also run in late 2019. If you’re keen to build your in-market presence and gain business leads, please see the links on the right for more information and to register.

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