Adrian Atkinson from Taylors talks about freshness In Australian reds

There's been much discussion amongst wine writers and influencers recently of the trend, lead by the trade and consumers, towards lighter, fresher styles of red wines. UK wine writer Jamie Goode is one who believes this will be a key trend in the coming years, saying recently "Of course, lighter reds aren’t universally understood or appreciated. For now, they probably aren’t mainstream, but I’m predicting a bright future for them – both the fun, smashable ones, and also the more serious ones." We caught up with Adrian Atkinson, European Market Manager at Wakefield Wines (Taylors Wines) at ProWein in Dusseldorf recently and asked him if he's seeing more demand for lighter, fresher styles of Australian red wine.

We're seeing a clear interest from consumers in cleaner, brighter and fresher reds... that have a freshness and drinkability to the wines. Not overtly naked, just treated in a more elegant, more subtle way in the winery.

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