Great Southern Geographical Indication

Great Southern (region)

The textual description is the legal definition.

The Australian Geographical Indication "Great Southern" was entered in the Register of Protected Names on 30 October 1996 in response to a direction received by the Registrar from the Presiding Member of the Geographical Indications Committee acting under Section 40Z of the WAC Act 1980.

GI area boundaries:

Natmaps Series 1501, Edition 1, numbers S1 50-10 Pemberton, S1 50-11 Mt Barker, S1 50-12 Bremer Bay, S1 50-14 Irwin Inlet, S1 50-15 Albany; scale 1:250,000.

GI textual description:

The Geographical Indication namely the region Great Southern is located within the Geographical Indication "South West Australia" within the State of Western Australia.

Starting at the low water mark on the South Coast at the point shown as Long Point, grid reference MG6123; 116* 34’ longitude, 35* 02’ latitude, travel in a straight line north and slightly east to the point on Terrace road grid reference MH8119; 116* 48’ longitude, 34* 08’ latitude is reached; thence turn right and proceed due east in a straight line until the point on Road Number M1, Albany to Lake Grace Road, sometimes shown as Chester Pass Road, where the road crosses the Pallinup River, grid reference PH1419; 118* 15’ longitude, 34* 08’ latitude; turn right and proceed south-east in a straight line until the point where the Pallinup River meets the Southern Ocean grid reference PG7584; 118* 54’ longitude, 34* 28’ latitude, turn right on the low water mark and proceed in a generally west and south direction following the coast along the Southern Ocean until the starting point is reached.