Mornington Peninsula Geographical Indication

Mornington Peninsula (region)

The textual description is the legal definition.

The Australian Geographical Indication "Mornington Peninsula" was entered in the Register of Protected Names on 18 March 1997 in response to a direction received by the Registrar from the Presiding Member of the Geographical Indications Committee acting under Section 40Z of the WAC Act 1980.

GI area boundaries:

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council 
Declared: 15 December 1994 
Area: 722 sq. km. 
Coastal Length: 193 km. 
Map compiled from Vic Roads (RNBD) July 1994, recompiled by Phil Hughes December 1994. 
Melway map grid reproduced from edition 23.

Department of National Resources
1:100,000 Topographic Maps

Sheet 7821 Victoria (Edition 1) 
Produced by Royal Australian Survey Corps 
Printed by Royal Australian Survey Corps 1972

Western Port: 
Sheet 7921 Victoria (Edition 1-AAS) 
Produced by Royal Australian Survey Corps 
Reprinted by C J Thompson, Commonwealth Government Printer, 1982.

Department of Crown Lands and Survey 
1:25,000 Topographic Maps

Sheet 7921-(iv) SW 
Edition 2 Revised 1974 
Printed by Authority C H Rixon, Government Printer, Melbourne 1974.

Devon Meadows 
Sheet 7921 - 1 - 3 
Printed by Authority Jean Gordon, Government Printer, Melbourne 1988

Sheet 7921 - 4 - 2 
Printed by Authority F D Atkinson. Government Printer, Melbourne 1987.

GI textual description:

The Geographical Indication "Mornington Peninsula" is located within the State of Victoria, Australia.The beginning point of the boundary is located at the boundary adopted for the Mornington Peninsula Wine Growing Region is that of the newly formed Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (an amalgamation of the former Shire of Flinders, Shire of Hastings and Shire of Mornington). The Shire boundary follows an appropriate line of definition from Kackeraboite Creek at Mt Eliza on Port Phillip Bay to Tyabb and Somerville at the Northern end of Western Port. This northern boundary to the Mornington Peninsula Shire for most of its length represents the natural boundary between the urban development of the cities of Frankston and Kingston, and the rural open plans of Moorooduc, and as such provides a logical boundary also for the Mornington Peninsula Wine Growing region.The South, East and West boundaries are defined by the high tide marks of Bass Strait, Port Phillip Bay, and Western Port respectively.Boundaries of the Municipal District of the Mornington Peninsula Shire CouncilThe official textual description (Section 23) of the Shire Boundary is as follows:Commencing on map Frankston 7921-IV SW at the point where Kackeraboite Creek enters Port Phillip at grid reference 332743, thence southerly by that creek to Old Mornington Road, thence easterly by Old Mornington Road to its junction with Nepean Highway, thence northerly by Nepean Highway to Humphries Road, thence south easterly by Humphries Road to Moorooduc Road on map Baxter 7921-4-2 at grid reference 361702 then north easterly along the Moorooduc Road to the junction of Sages Road thence generally easterly along Sages Road to the Baxter-Tooradin Road thence easterly by the Baxter-Tooradin Road to Fultons Road and then northerly along Fultons Road to its junction with Golf Links Road then south easterly along Golf Links Road to its junction with the Baxter-Tooradin Road, thence easterly by the Baxter-Tooradin Road to the Dandenong-Hastings Road then southerly along the Dandenong-Hastings Road to its junction with South Boundary Road East thence south easterly by South Boundary Road East to its junction with Tooradin Road at grid reference 457679, thence easterly along grid line 679 to its intersection with the shore of Western Port at 470679 then on map Western Port 7921 edition 1 AAS, following the coastline of Western Port in a generally southerly direction to Sandy Point grid reference 458472 thence generally northwest then southwest following the shoreline of Western Port to West Head at grid reference 283383, thence generally west on Map Sorrento 7821 edition 1 along the southern shoreline of Mornington Peninsula and Bass Strait to Cape Schank grid reference 159363 thence generally northwest following the shoreline of Mornington Peninsula and Bass Strait to Point Nepean 945580 thence generally south east then generally north east following the shoreline of Mornington Peninsula and Port Phillip Bay to the starting point at Kackeraboite Creek at 332743 on map Western Port 7921-1-AAS.The Mornington Peninsula Shire Boundary as published by the Shire and as it relates to the Melway Melbourne Street Directory (edition 23).As described above, the Mornington Peninsula wine region is defined by Western Port to the east, Bass Strait to the south and Port Phillip Bay to the west the detail of which is depicted in the 1:100 000 topographical maps attached to this Application. To the north lies the only land boundary which may be viewed in greater detail by observing the 1:25 000 topographical maps.