You may at any time be selected for audit by a Wine Australia Auditor. The audit may be a cold-call or, an arranged visit, or, may be a desk audit where copies of specific records are requested for audit at the Wine Australia offices.

Auditors may collect samples, at audits or via email request, in order to survey  compliance with the Food Standards Code (including MRLs) and to determine potential Australian exposure to wine contamination issues that arise periodically (e.g. histamine, ethyl carbamate, ochratoxin, heavy metals etc). The particular parameters to be examined will be reviewed at least annually by the Wine Industry Technical Advisory Committee.

In the case of wine producers, auditors may ask to see evidence of the systems implemented to control the incidence of agricultural chemical residues in finished wine. Lack of satisfactory evidence will result in a higher level of sampling.

It is expected that manufacturers and exporters will retain at least two samples of each product registered for export for at least six months after export. Samples of each bulk wine consignment should be retained for at least six months after shipment. It is recommended that  manufacturers and exporters retain samples for as long as practical.