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Australia produces unique wines that are fresh, authentic and exciting, made from some of the oldest vines on the planet.

Australian wine: uniquely Australian, fresh, authentic, exciting and internationally competitive

Australia produces unique wines that are fresh, authentic and exciting, made from some of the oldest vines on the planet.

The Australian wine sector has been through some tumultuous times. Global demand for Australian wine created a boom in new vineyard plantings in the late 1990s. Australian exports grew at extraordinary rates through to a peak in 2007. From 1991 to 2007, the Australian wine sector more than tripled production from less than 400 million litres to 1.2 billion litres. The sector built an enviable global reputation for producing quality wine and created strong export markets particularly in the UK, USA and Canada.

However, as the Australian wine sector reached its peak in sales volume (and, in recent history, profitability) a ‘perfect storm’ began. From 2007, external forces led by the GFC combined to hit the sector, which saw profitability fundamentally lowered over the next six years.

In the face of adversity, the sector has reinvented itself. Today, there’s a particularly strong focus on freshness, natural acidity, and regional distinction. Recovery is demonstrated in the figures. Since falling to a low in 2013, Australian exports have steadily grown. In 2017, the value of Australian wine exports grew by 15 per cent to $2.56 billion and volume increased by 8 per cent to 811 million litres. The average value of exports grew by 7 per cent to $3.16 per litre FOB, the highest since the equivalent period in 2009. The short-term outlook for the wine sector is positive, with continuing sales growth expected, especially in export markets, and strengthening prices for wine and grapes, facilitated by global shortages in supply.

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Regional snapshots

Latest update: 06 Feb 2019

Regional Snapshots are one-page profiles of individual Australian wine regions and provide at-a-glance summary statistics on: climatic characteristics, viticulture data, winegrape production, winegrape price and export sales data for wine from the region, compared against the same statistics for the whole of Australia.

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Variety snapshots - wine grape types

Latest update: 01 Feb 2019

One-page profiles of Australian winegrape varieties with at-a-glance summary statistics on: major wine regions, total planted area, price and sales data for the variety compared with other varieties.

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Australian wine sector state of play

Latest update: 19 Apr 2018

A comprehensive presentation for the Australian wine sector, combining data from multiple sources to give an overview of supply and demand factors that impact the global wine market.

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Australian Wine Sector at a glance

Latest update: 05 Feb 2018

The Australian Wine Sector at a glance is an annual one-page overview of the Australian wine sector. 

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South Australia Wine ScoreCard

Latest update: 30 Jan 2018

Food and wine industry scorecards measure the commercial value of each industry using value chain analyses and determine how the value of food and winegrapes increases from the paddock or vine to the plate

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Australian Wine: State of the Sector 2018 report

Latest update: 23 Jan 2018

The State of the Sector 2018 report is a detailed and entertaining examination of the Australian wine sector, its history and evolution, current situation and future prospects.  

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Historical wine sector statistics

Latest update: 26 Oct 2016

The 2016 historical wine sector data sheets provide an overview of key Australian wine sector data sources. Winegrape crush, wine production, domestic sales, exports and imports are included.

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Australian wine's economic contribution

Latest update: 27 Sep 2016

This report is an economic impact assessment of the wine sector’s direct and flow-on contribution to the Australian economy. It was prepared for Wine Australia.

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