Australian wine sector state of play

About the report

The Australian Wine Sector State of Play is a comprehensive presentation on the Australian wine sector, combining data from multiple sources to give an overview of the supply and demand factors that impact the global wine market. 

The report includes data and analysis on:

  • the global wine market
  • Australian supply and demand and,
  • the key markets for Australian wine.

The full presentation is provided here and the Sector Infographic provides a summary of the information.

Report Summary

The report is split into three sections, the first of which is an overview of international factors that affect global grape and wine supply and demand. Economic data such as GDP growth rate and GDP per capita of the major global regions are considered for their impact on demand. Next, a detailed analysis of the Australian dollar (A$) studies the impact of currency fluctuations on Australian exports and imports. The global market is then analysed in terms of growth trends and the balance of supply and demand. Australia’s position in global wine production, exports, and average price per litre is considered before delving into consumption trends in the major wine markets across the globe.

The supply and demand situation in Australia is the next topic covered in the presentation and is analysed in terms of levels of wine production, inventory and sales. The latest crush data and winegrape prices are reported nationally and for key regions. Lastly, an in-depth analysis of Australian export data is included.

The key wine markets analysed in this report include the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China and the domestic Australian wine market.


This report is compiled using a variety of sources including:

  • IMF economic indicators
  • the Wine Australia Export Approvals database
  • ABS import and sales data
  • Euromonitor International
  • OIV
  • Global Trade Atlas
  • Wine Australia surveys and,
  • Ciatti.