Australian Wine: State of the Sector 2018 report

The State of the Sector 2018 report is a detailed and entertaining examination of the Australian wine sector, its history and evolution, current situation and future prospects. 

The report includes a description and analysis of:

  • the history, evolution and revolution of the sector from the 1950s to the present day
  • the strengths and defining features of the sector that are the foundation for its success,
  • the sector’s performance and outlook in the key markets for Australian wine: the Australian domestic market, China mainland, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

Report summary

The report presents the story of the Australian wine sector in parallel with the history of music in Australia, and illustrates how both sectors have evolved into something uniquely Australian, appreciated by millions of people around the globe.

There are distinct parallels between Australian wine and Australian music. Both are unique expressions of the diverse Australian culture and landscape and each has more to discover. Like wine, Australia’s rich musical history has played a huge part in shaping Australian culture. Folk music, like grapevines, has existed in Australian since early colonial days. Rock and popular music have an almost limitless number of genres, just as there are more than 100 grape varieties grown commercially. These multiple genres and varieties provide a niche for every taste and every type of music and wine lover.

Both the wine sector and the local music industry have been through a particularly turbulent decade since 2007, but the enduring commitment of each to innovation and quality, diversity, creativity and authenticity means we are primed for a new era of prosperity.


This report is compiled using a variety of sources including:

  • the Wine Australia Export Approvals database
  • Ciatti
  • IRI Market Edge Liquor
  • International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR)
  • Global Trade Atlas

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