Australian wine's economic contribution

About the report

This report is an economic assessment of the wine sector’s direct and indirect contribution to the Australian economy. It was prepared by AgEconPlus and Gillespie Economics for Wine Australia.

The Australian wine sector makes a significant contribution to the Australian economy. This includes the economic activity associated with grape growing in vineyards and wine production, and extends to the economic activity from wine related tourism. These three components of the Australian wine sector also have strong linkages to other sectors of the Australian economy, in particular the businesses that supply the goods and services required for grape growing, wine making and the wine tourism experience, as well as the goods and services demanded by employees. Consequently, the contribution of the Australian wine sector to the Australian economy is greater than just its direct effects.

Section 2 of the report locates the industry geographically and provides an overview of the nature and scope of the components of the wine sector. Section 3 outlines the input-output (IO) modelling method used to examine the direct and indirect economic effects of the wine sector. Section 4 combines available data to develop a revenue, expenditure and employment profile for the grape growing, wine manufacturing and wine tourism sectors of the Australian economy. The modelling of these sectors to assess their flow-on effects for the economy is then reported in Section 5. Conclusions are provided in Section 6.

About the source

Research project commissioned by Wine Australia and undertaken by AgEcon Plus and Gillespie Economics.


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