Global Wine Markets 1860-2016: a statistical compendium

About the report

This comprehensive report gives an overview of global wine markets including production, consumption, exports and imports across 38 countries and 10 major world regions.

The report is a valuable resource to help potential exporters understand the global wine trade in different periods of history. This second edition of the Global Wine Statistical Compendium revised, updates and expands data from the first edition published in 2011, including adding another century of data prior to that included in the first edition.

Report summary

Until recently, most grape-based wine was consumed close to where it was produced, and mostly that was in Europe. Despite the huge growth in inter-continental trade, investment and migration during the first globalization wave that came to a halt with World War I, it was not until the 1990s that the export share of global wine production rose above the 5-12% range in which it had fluctuated for centuries. The latest globalization wave has changed that forever. Now more than two-fifths of all wine consumed globally is produced in another country. Europe’s dominance of global wine trade has been diminished by the surge of exports from the Southern Hemisphere and the United States. New consumers have come onto the scene as incomes have grown, eating and drinking habits have changed, and tastes have broadened. Asia has emerged as an important consuming region, and in China that has stimulated the development of local production that, in volume terms, already rivals that of Argentina, Australia, Chile and South Africa.

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The report was prepared by Kym Anderson, Signe Nelgen and Vicente Pinilla from the University of Adelaide.

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