Small Winemaker Production and Sales survey report

About the report

The report is based on the results of a survey of Australia's 2000+ small winemakers - ie those with an estimated crush of up to 500 tonnes. Information is collected on:

  • wine production volume and growth
  • sales revenue and revenue growth
  • domestic sales channels and change year-on-year in share of sales by channel
  • employment in the business and source of grapes
  • use of contract or own winemaking facilities
  • services provided to consumers/tourists by wine businesses

The survey will be conducted annually in October-November.

Report summary

Key insights from the 2017 report include:

  • Small winemakers sell an estimated $1.3 billion in wine – 86 per cent in the domestic market.
  • Small winemakers account for 35% of total domestic sales value and 10% of export sales value
  • Main sales channels are retailers (45 per cent) and cellar door (30 per cent).
  • Revenue and production both grew by 10% in 2016-17, the second year in a row of strong growth
  • Cellar door saw strongest revenue growth (up 6 per cent).
  • Small winemakers directly employ on average nearly nine people (5.2 FTEs)
  • Nearly half (47 per cent) of the wineries surveyed make all of their wine in their own facilities.
  • 52% of small winemakers grow all or nearly all their own fruit.

About the survey

Wine Australia surveyed Australian small wine businesses with an estimated crush of up to 500 tonnes. The survey is part of the broader annual Production, Sales and Inventory survey that provides an overall state of play on Australian supply and demand. 

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