Image: Andre Castelluci / Wine Australia

Vintage 2019: are your grape intake records up to scratch?

Exporter News | January 2019
Image: Andre Castelluci / Wine Australia
25 Jan 2019
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With harvest commencing across the country and potential changes to the levy return process for 2019, now’s the time to make sure that you are capturing all of the required information when grapes roll onto your weighbridge.

Grape intake requires specific records to be made, irrespective of whether grapes are ‘estate grown’ or grower supplied. This is necessary to establish a complete audit trail for the Label Integrity Program (LIP) – a legal requirement. While the format isn’t prescribed, records must be in writing and contain:

  • the supplier’s name and address
  • the receiver’s name and address
  • the date grapes are received
  • the quantity of grapes received, and
  • the vintage, variety and geographical indication (GI) of the grapes.

While the details above are mandatory, including extra information like a receipt number or another intake reference helps traceability when you link it to other wine processing records. For the avoidance of doubt, Wine Australia also recommends steering clear of abbreviating GIs and varieties where possible.

Later this year, we are anticipating creating a levy payer register to allow direct communication with everyone who pays winegrape levies. It is expected that grower information about varieties grown and GIs will be included in the register, which is another good reason to have your intake information properly recorded. If you’re already meeting your LIP requirements by capturing the above information, you’re likely all set for these changes.

Image: Andre Castelluci / Wine Australia

Growers record-keeping obligations

Don’t forget – growers have record-keeping obligations too. If you receive grapes from a third party, they must supply a written record showing the date, quantity, vintage, variety and GI on the day grapes are delivered. Alternatively, LIP requirements can be met by sharing your intake record – provided it was both made and shared with the grower when grapes were received. Wine Australia has developed a brochure on record keeping for grapegrowers that can be accessed here.

For any questions about record keeping or to request hard copies of the grower brochure, please contact Regulatory Services at (08) 8228 2000 or

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This content is restricted to wine exporters and levy-payers. Some reports are available for purchase to non-levy payers/exporters.